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Ganesa – Groove Podcast 249

Ganesa is working tirelessly on blending UK bass music with techno and other strains of dance music. The Jelly Bean Farm's Groove mix pushes the evelope.

Wallis – Groove Podcast 248

Wallis's take on techno is hard, fast, strong - but also fun. Her mix for our Groove Podcast is proof that the Berlin-based producer is one to watch.

An On Bast – Groove Podcast 246

Polish modular magician An On Bast shares an intimate, experimental live set recorded at Berlin's Watergate club earlier this year.

Black Jazz Consortium – Groove Podcast 245

Fred P is as prolific as ever. His Groove mix under his Black Jazz Consortium moniker sees the Perpetual Sound founder go as deep as it gets.

Kerrie – Groove Podcast 244

Intense, otherworldy, belting: the Eastern Bloc stalwart and Don't Be Afraid and I Love Acid affiliate Kerrie will take you on a trip with her Groove mix.

Sebastian Mullaert – Groove Podcast 243

In his Groove mix, the Circle Of Live founder Sebastian Mullaert provides one and a half hours of improvised, transcendental techno.

Cromby – Groove Podcast 242

If you expect an afterparty mix to be deep, you're going to the wrong afters, says Cromby. The Northern Irish DJ's Groove mix is chock-full of belters.

DJ D.DEE – Groove Podcast 241

Pacific Rhythm co-founder DJ D.DEE gives us a taste of what to the expect from the iconic Canadian label in the near future.

Marina Trench – Groove Podcast 239

The DJ Deep protegée Marina Trench is one of the most exciting new producers and DJ of the French house scene. Her Groove mix goes deep.

Tiefschwarz – Groove Podcast 238

Tiefschwarz rekapitulieren mit ihrem Groove-Mix die große Jubiläums-Compilation auf ihrem Label Souvenir. Der Blick ist dementsprechend nach vorne gerichtet

Elad Magdasi – Groove Podcast 237

One of the key figure's of Berlin's young techno scene, Front Left founder Elad Magdasi's Groove mix pays tribute to the original Love Parade vibe.

Regal – Groove Podcast 236

Regal had a busy year and big plans for 2020, including a debut LP. For his Groove mix, the Involve founder picks some tracks he does not usually play.

iona – Groove Podcast 235

Ready for some late-summer vibes? Field Maneuvers resident iona describes her Groove mix as a "love letter to fun and September 2019."

Lone – Groove Podcast 234

Lone's Groove mix comprises a few exclusives by the man himself and also some of the classic rave material that has informed his sound from the very beginning.

Mary Yuzovskaya – Groove Podcast 233

Mary Yuzovskaya's mix for Groove is as hypnotic and driving as her sets at New York's Unter parties and the music she releases through her Monday Off label.

Exos – Groove Podcast 232

After launching his new Planet X label, Exos will reissue some classic material and put out his first album in 18 years. His mix serves as a sneak peek.