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Cici – Groove Podcast 347

The Ibiza-based Cosmic Pineapple resident, OpenLab radio host and producer Cici explores eerie undertones while switching things up stylistically.

Mule Musiq: “I never had to think much about the music”

The Mule Musiq boss explains why he traded fashion for music and why he's no longer releasing music by DJ Sprinkles.

Bruce – Groove Podcast 345

Ready for the wildest ride of the year? XRA member Bruce is back with a rare mix that also features new material by the Bristolian producer and DJ.

Queer On Acid – Groove Podcast 344

Queer On Acid's Groove mix features unreleased material by the Riga duo who runs the Amber Muse label, radio show, and event series.

James Bangura – Groove Podcast 343

The Washington, D.C.-based Black Rave Culture member James Bangura explores the energetic side of techno on his Groove mix.

Nice Girl – Groove Podcast 342

Ahead of an extensive tour throughout Europe, the Public Possession mainstay Nice Girl steps up to the decks for a Groove mix.

Liza Aikin (Tresor.West) – Groove Resident Podcast 31

Having only been recently able to play her first set at Tresor.West, the club's new resident Liza Aikin goes hard with her Groove Resident mix.

The Maghreban – Groove Podcast 341

Ahead of the release of his new album "Connection", The Maghreban delivers a rare, positively psychedelic mix for the Groove podcast.

Eva Porating (Ankali) – Groove Resident Podcast 30

Eva Porating is one of the pillars of Prague's Ankali club and its sibling, Planeta Za. Her Resident mix is both raw and bright.

Cooly G – Groove Podcast 338

Cooly G's Groove mix sees the versatile producer embrace the amapiano style that had also influenced last year's "Save Me" EP on Hyperdub.

DJ Lycox – Groove Podcast 337

It's a groove thang: the Príncipe-affiliated producer DJ Lycox delivers a mix featuring his own productions as well as many new tracks by his Tia Maria Produções crew.

Young Majli – Groove Podcast 336

Seasoned radio host and club DJ Young Majli presents a mix full of unreleased tunes from Polish bass producers. Hot tip!

Neux – Groove Podcast 335

Georgian DJ Neux has recently relocated to Berlin. Fittingly, her multi-faceted Groove mix is marked by a sense of new beginnings.

Matt Benyayer [Dark Sky] – Groove Podcast 334

Dark Sky's Matt Benyayer delivers a densely-packed mix that includes two cuts from his new solo project, Benyayer.

Groove Podcast 332 – Krisztián Puskár Splatter

The Budapest-based journalist, event organiser and "anti-DJ" Krisztián Puskár a.k.a. Splatter's mix is as tumultuous as the situation under which it was recorded.

Hassan Abou Alam – Groove Podcast 331

Hassan Abou Alam's Groove mix is a veritable treasure chest of bass-heavy sounds and includes some cuts from his latest EP on Banoffee Pies.