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DJ Lycox – Groove Podcast 337

It's a groove thang: the Príncipe-affiliated producer DJ Lycox delivers a mix featuring his own productions as well as many new tracks by his Tia Maria Produções crew.

Young Majli – Groove Podcast 336

Seasoned radio host and club DJ Young Majli presents a mix full of unreleased tunes from Polish bass producers. Hot tip!

Neux – Groove Podcast 335

Georgian DJ Neux has recently relocated to Berlin. Fittingly, her multi-faceted Groove mix is marked by a sense of new beginnings.

Matt Benyayer [Dark Sky] – Groove Podcast 334

Dark Sky's Matt Benyayer delivers a densely-packed mix that includes two cuts from his new solo project, Benyayer.

Rosa Anschütz – Groove Podcast 333

Demnächst veröffentlicht Rosa Anschütz ihr zweites Album "Goldener Strom" bei BPitch Berlin. In ihrem Groove-Mix ist alles erlaubt.

Groove Podcast 332 – Krisztián Puskár Splatter

The Budapest-based journalist, event organiser and "anti-DJ" Krisztián Puskár a.k.a. Splatter's mix is as tumultuous as the situation under which it was recorded.

Hassan Abou Alam – Groove Podcast 331

Hassan Abou Alam's Groove mix is a veritable treasure chest of bass-heavy sounds and includes some cuts from his latest EP on Banoffee Pies.

Marie Montexier – Groove Podcast 330

Die Paryìa-Gründerin Marie Montexier ist für vielseitige Sets bekannt. Ihr Groove-Mix ist eine Hommage an ihr früheres Selbst.

Cleveland – Groove Podcast 329

Kalahari Oyster Cult regular and SUZI founder Cleveland's Groove mix starts of slowly before evolving into a trippy journey towards the dancefloor.

Coco Cobra – Groove Podcast 328

Die soft-spot-Mitbegründerin und Weltspiele-Resident Coco Cobra verwebt in ihrem Groove-Mix radikal unterschiedliches Material.

Hammer – Groove Podcast 327

Both dark and uplifting, Hammer's mix for Groove sheds a light on the different sounds of his two new labels, Remmah and Italo HIITS.

Ece Özel – Groove Podcast 326

Müstesna co-founder and arkaoda resident Ece Özel delivers an exhilarating mix that moves effortlessly between different eras and genres.

DJ Spit – Groove Podcast 325

Rascals founder DJ Spit is one of Berlin's most versatile DJs. His mix for Groove is a bass-heavy, garage-influenced set

Coco Em – Groove Podcast 324

Ahead of the April release of her debut EP for Infiné, Kenyan selector Coco Em presents a multi-faceted mix to greet the new year.

Chontane – Groove Podcast 323

Chontane hat große Pläne für 2022. Mit seinem Groove-Mix gibt uns der Berliner einen Vorgeschmack auf kommende Releases.

Jimi Jules – Groove Podcast 322

Currently preparing the release of his sophomore album "+" on Innervisions next spring, Jimi Jules's mix lets 2021 end on a high note.