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DJ T. – Groove Podcast 184

150 Minuten handselektierter Zuhausehör-House: Zu seinem 30. DJ-Jubiläum meldet sich Groove-Gründer DJ T. nun auch endlich im magazineigenen Podcast an.

Pablo Mateo – Groove Podcast 183

Der Grounded Theory-Resident und Artful Rifle-Betreiber Pablo Mateo nimmt uns mit seinem Mix ein Stück weit auf seine aktuelle musikalische Reise mit.

Mama Snake – Groove Podcast 182

Mama Snake celebrates the launch of Amniote Editions, a multimedia collective, with a mix crammed with previously unreleased music.

The Exaltics – Groove Podcast 181

Bei The Exaltics geht es weiter um Gegenwart, Zukunft und Fantastisches. Der Groove-Mix widmet sich der aktuellen Electro-Generation.

Woo York – Groove Podcast 180

The Ukrainian duo Woo York contribute an exclusive hour-long live set with never before heard material to our Groove podcast.

Blue Hour – Groove Podcast 179

With his Groove mix, Blue Hour aimed for a "fast, diverse and colourful" 90 minutes, combining old classics with new and upcoming music on his own imprint.

Tama Sumo – Groove Podcast 178

90 minutes of pure emotion, courtesy of Panorama Bar resident Tama Sumo.

Ejeca – Groove Podcast 177

Ejeca delivers a densely packed hour of oldschool electro grooves.

DASCO – Groove Podcast 176

From disco to acid in around an hour: Dasco's Groove mix does not stick to one style or mood, and why should it?

Julia Govor – Groove Podcast 175

Julia Govor's frantic Groove mix navigates between hardcore and hapiness while the Jujuka founder talks the concept of her new label.

Annie Hall – Groove Podcast 174

Annie Hall steps up to the decks to deliver an electro-leaning Groove mix full of surprises.

Russell E.L. Butler – Groove Podcast 173

Russell E.L. Butler steps up to decks for a Groove mix ahead of the release of their debut LP for Left-Hand Path.

Sabine Hoffmann – Groove Podcast 172

Sabine Hoffmann feierte drei Jahre Frauengedeck und kam aus Aserbaidschan, Armenien und Georgien mit vielen Eindrücken und noch mehr Musik zurück.

Man Power – Groove Podcast 171

Man Power's Groove mix is as straightforward as the Me Me Me founder's answers to our interview questions.

Jamaica Suk – Groove Podcast 170

Jamaica Suk's Groove mix is, in her words, "a postmodern melodic story of a girl who easily gets lost in the world but in the end finds her way."



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