Groove Podcast

Marylou – Groove Podcast 351

Morphine-affiliated DJ and Rinse France as well as Cashmere Radio host Marylou showcases her broad taste and knack for blending very different types of music

Innershades – Groove Podcast 350

Innershades has been keeping very busy during the pandemic, working on side projects and the Altered Circuits label. His Groove mix keeps it atmospheric.

Katatonic Silentio – Groove Podcast 349

With her Groove mix, the Italian producer, DJ and academic Katatonic Silentio slowly finds her way back to the dancefloor.

Flow Festival: Eine aufrichtige, schöne Dynamik zwischen Musiker:innen und Fans

DJ Stingray 313 und Caterina Barbieri auf der einen und Nick Cave und Gorillaz auf der anderen Seite: Hier erfahrt ihr, wie das Flow aufgeht.

The AM – Groove Podcast 348

Ahead of her set at Tresor's 31st birthday party, the Scan 7-affiliated DJ and producer The AM's Groove mix pays homage to the Detroit sound.

Cici – Groove Podcast 347

The Ibiza-based Cosmic Pineapple resident, OpenLab radio host and producer Cici explores eerie undertones while switching things up stylistically.

Jana Rush – Groove Podcast 346

Jana Rush is one of electronic dance music's most forward-thinking musicians. Her Groove mix pays homage to footwork legends.

Bruce – Groove Podcast 345

Ready for the wildest ride of the year? XRA member Bruce is back with a rare mix that also features new material by the Bristolian producer and DJ.

Queer On Acid – Groove Podcast 344

Queer On Acid's Groove mix features unreleased material by the Riga duo who runs the Amber Muse label, radio show, and event series.

James Bangura – Groove Podcast 343

The Washington, D.C.-based Black Rave Culture member James Bangura explores the energetic side of techno on his Groove mix.

Nice Girl – Groove Podcast 342

Ahead of an extensive tour throughout Europe, the Public Possession mainstay Nice Girl steps up to the decks for a Groove mix.

The Maghreban – Groove Podcast 341

Ahead of the release of his new album "Connection", The Maghreban delivers a rare, positively psychedelic mix for the Groove podcast.

DJ MELL G – Groove Podcast 340

DJ MELL G steht für Eklektizismus, ihren Sound als Producerin hat sie aber gefunden. Ihm widmet sie auch ihren Groove-Mix.

Christoph Faust – Groove Podcast 339

Christoph Faust hat gerade alle Hände voll zu tun und nutzt seinen Beitrag zum Groove-Podcast dazu, das Tempo rauszunehmen.

Cooly G – Groove Podcast 338

Cooly G's Groove mix sees the versatile producer embrace the amapiano style that had also influenced last year's "Save Me" EP on Hyperdub.