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Adiel – Groove Podcast 227

The Danza Tribale founder and Donato Dozzy collaborator Adiel presents a mix full of forthcoming material and both new and old influences.

Juba – Groove Podcast 226

Boko! Boko! member Juba's mix for the Groove podcast is heavier and darker than her mixes normally are, blending techno, gqom, afrobeats and kuduro.

Eric Cloutier – Groove Podcast 224

With his Groove mix, the Palinoia gives us the entire Eric Cloutier experience in just a little over an hour.

Lennart Wiehe – Groove Podcast 223

The Marcel Dettmann protegé and OOST resident Lennart Wiehe talks about his new Kuratorium platform and delivers a soulful mix full of "small room techno".

Sadaf – Groove Podcast 222

From film samples to Mingus and Coltrane, deep house and 90s acid techno, Sadaf's Groove mix is one of the most unusual in the podcast's history.

Saoirse – Groove Podcast 221

For her Groove mix, Saoirse draws inspiration from an unforgettable night in Tbilisi. Expect the unexpected.

Credit 00 – Groove Podcast 220

Bis die Maschinen qualmen: Der Rat-Life-Mitbegründer Credit 00 liefert für seinen Beitrag im Groove-Podcast ein schwitziges Hardware-Live-Set ab.

Deep’a & Biri – Groove Podcast 219

The Black Crow founders Deep'a & Biri aim straight for the dancefloor with their breaks-heavy Groove mix.

Artefakt – Groove Podcast 218

Artefakt's Groove mix sees the De Stijl founders "looking forward by looking back", weaving together stone cold classics with new material.

Smallpeople – Groove Podcast 217

Still not loving Putzlicht! Die Smallpeople meldeten sich im März mit ihrer zweiten LP zurück und liefern nun einen swingenden, jackenden Groove-Mix ab.

D. Tiffany – Groove Podcast 216

D. Tiffany shares forthcoming tracks from the Planet Euphorique and Isla Records labels in her Groove mix and throws in a Madonna tune for good measure.

Justin Cudmore – Groove Podcast 215

Justin Cudmore shows a more aggressive side in his Groove mix without eschewing his trademark acid flavoured style.

Steffen Bennemann – Groove Podcast 213

Das Nachtdigital findet 2019 zum letzten Mal statt. Booker Steffen Bennemann hat das Festival geprägt wie kein Zweiter. Sein Groove-Mix sagt laut Adieu.

VONDA7 – Groove Podcast 212

VONDA7's day-time leaning Groove mix is bouncy, melodic and bold - just how the Berlin-based art | werk founder likes it.

Ata (Robert Johnson) – Groove Resident Podcast 3

Ziemlich genau 20 Jahre ist es her, dass Ata Macias gemeinsam mit anderen das Robert Johnson gründete. Zur Feier des Tages präsentiert er einen seltenen zweistündigen Mix.

Newa – Groove Podcast 211

Something old and something new - Newa's Groove mix reflects the Ben Klock-approved Icontrax co-founder's idea of how techno should sound like.