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Charlotte de Witte – Groove Podcast 163

"Techno is getting faster, and so is this mix," says Charlotte de Witte about her hard-hitting contribution to our Groove podcast.

Marlon Hoffstadt – Groove Podcast 162

In an in-depth interview, Marlon Hoffstadt talks about the dangers of the DJ lifestyle and social media. Accordingly, his Groove mix takes things slowly.

ANNA – Groove Podcast 161

ANNA's hard-hitting Groove mix brings together some of her own productions - some of which are unreleased - with material by artists she admires.

Nene H – Groove Podcast 160

Nene H's Groove mix is a "positively aggressive" one, focusing on hard-hitting yet groovy techno.

Ipek Gorgun – Groove Podcast 159

The Istanbul-based experimental composer Ipek Gorgun delivers a densely layered mix that mirrors her broad musical interests.

Chrissy – Groove Podcast 158

Next up on the Groove Podcast is the Nite Owl Diner and Cool Ranch founder Chrissy.

Cassy – Groove Podcast 157

Cassy would love to see more colour back on the dance floor and her techno-leaning Groove mix delivers exactly that.

Inga Mauer – Groove Podcast 156

Inga Mauer delivers a belting set of favourites for when it gets dark at night.

Oliver Hafenbauer – Groove Podcast 155

Der Groove-Mix des Die Orakel-Gründers und Robert Johnson-Residents Oliver Hafenbauer wartet mit einigen überraschenden Wendungen auf.

Charlotte Bendiks – Groove Podcast 154

Cómeme-affiliate Charlotte Bendiks delivers 55 minutes of transfixing body music.

Nabihah Iqbal – Groove Podcast 153

Unlike Nabihah Iqbal's educational NTS shows with an ethnomusicologist approach, her DJ mixes make you want to dance - this one especially.

Posthuman – Groove Podcast 152

It's always world Acid day somewhere, especially on March 30th. I Love Acid's Posthuman delivers a slamming, rough mix for our Groove podcast.

Recondite – Groove Podcast 151

Seit Jahren hat Recondite keinen DJ-Mix mehr aufgenommen. Für uns machte unser aktueller Titelheld eine Ausnahme.

Recondite – Groove Podcast 151

Recondite hasn't recorded a proper DJ mix in years, but for us the producer has made an exception.

Pinch – Groove Podcast 150

Pinch's Techno-leaning Groove mix aims for a deep, engaging mood.



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