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Uncanny Valley Soundsystem – Groove Podcast 262

Seit zehn Jahren ist das Dresdner Label Uncanny Valley ein Fels in der Brandung. Die vier Macher haben einen abwechslungsreichen Mix zusammengestellt.

Solid Blake – Groove Podcast 261

The Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Solid Blake unearths some classics and personal favourites for her Groove mix.

Chinaski – Groove Podcast 260

70 Minuten "grundehrliche" Musik aus den frühen Achtzigern gefällig? Chinaski hat da etwas vorbereitet - in seinem Mix für den Groove Podcast!

Men With Secrets – Groove Podcast 259

Men With Secrets, the trio of Donato Dozzy and, have recorded the first and only mix they will ever do with music that inspired their debut album.

Zombies In Miami – Groove Podcast 258

The prolific Zombies In Miami have just launched a label and are preparing for the release of their debut LP. Their Groove mix? Full of unreleased material.

Swan Meat – Groove Podcast 257

Donkcore remixes of brostep smash hits and furious Radiohead edits: Swan Meat's Groove mix is as unique as the Cologne-based producer's own productions.

Charlotte Simon – Groove Podcast 256

"Bock auf Dancen, Bock auf Rückzug" und noch viel mehr: Die MMODEMM-Mitbetreiberin Charlotte Simon geht ihren Groove-Mix experimentell an.

Mark Broom – Groove Podcast 255

One of techno's most prolific and influential artists steps up to the decks - Beard Man founder Mark Broom delivers a belting mix of "no fluff techno."

Viscerale – Groove Podcast 254

From murky drones to to hard-hitting belters, Viscerale's mix for Groove provides a cathartic change of pacein trying times.

Inland – Groove Podcast 253

Ed Davenport has been using his quarantine time wisely, exclusively presenting a new Inland full-length, out today on his Counterchange, with his Groove mix.

Bella Boo – Groove Podcast 252

Summer's cancelled and an existential crisis is coming up, too, but that surely won't stop Bella Boo. Her Groove mix is as life-affirming as it gets.

Lurka – Groove Podcast 251

Having just released a new 12" together with Batu and a solo EP on Timedance, Lurka steps up to the decks for a "trippy, bumpy and computery" Groove mix.

Fiedel – Groove Podcast 250

Für die 250. Ausgabe unseres Groove-Podcasts gibt es 85 Minuten lang groovige Vibes für ein besseres Morgen von Super-Sound-Tool-Gründer Fiedel.

Ganesa – Groove Podcast 249

Ganesa is working tirelessly on blending UK bass music with techno and other strains of dance music. The Jelly Bean Farm's Groove mix pushes the evelope.

Wallis – Groove Podcast 248

Wallis's take on techno is hard, fast, strong - but also fun. Her mix for our Groove Podcast is proof that the Berlin-based producer is one to watch.

An On Bast – Groove Podcast 246

Polish modular magician An On Bast shares an intimate, experimental live set recorded at Berlin's Watergate club earlier this year.