Could you tell us something about this year’s edition of Krake festival?
I am not the organiser, Nico and Katinka from Killekill are, but I am involved with musical suggestions and as a resident DJ, so I can tell you something about the music pro-gram. The festival starts on Monday at the Silent Green Kulturquartier, an amazing place – it is a former crematorium in the North of Berlin. Two years ago, there was already a rave with artists like The Mover. This year, Byetone from raster presents his most recent project there. It is going to be experimental. On Wednesday, I really recommend the Eotrax label night with Eomac, Nene H and Paula Temple at Griessmuehle. I really want to see Paula playing, I have never done that before. Friday, I will definitely drop by the legendary Krake Label Boutique – a market like a summit outside Urban Spree where you could catch up with other DJs and buy a lot of underground records. On Saturday, Reka and I do our first official back to back at Griessmuehle. At the last festival, we played more of a spontaneous back to back, because someone got sick. We are going to play some huge big room stuff.

Last year you launched your own Discos Atónicos label. How did that come about?
I have been listening to amazing music for already 20 years now and I wanted to open up a label a long time ago. Last year, that dream came true. I started the label on my own and now I can put out music from artists I love. That’s amazing! The first release was a LP by Artificiero, an artist from my hometown with a psychedelic rock background, which does actually not fit the dance floor – it is more experimental, but I do not care. I want to put out music that I love, in every kind and every style. My routes are open, even chart music is welcome. (laughs) The second one an EP from BS-1, an electro producer with a passion for metal, it is very tough and industrial. The Devotion EP is the third and newest one. Fun fact: the whole EP is a composition of old unreleased material from me and Brigitte.

What does the future look like for you?
My critical inner self tells me to always be better and learn more, but now that I really feel the music, maybe the next step is an album. I can already tell you that I am going to be involved in the production of Ben Sim’s next compilation. In addition to that, two more releases on my label are coming out this year and actually I will do another label night after the one at Berghain’s Säule to push my artists like Artificiero but time passes too quickly. Moreover, I am looking forward to huge gigs after the summer, including one with Blawan, and I am still excited about what happened actually: I got a request from Dave Clarke to play with him at his famous Whip party at the Amsterdam Dance Event in October. I still cannot believe that he asked me. Dave fucking Clarke!

Video: Alienata – Memory

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