What happened after you’ve left Murcia?
In 2005, I moved to Valencia with the Overflow collective. It comprised different people from music, film, art, and culture. They initiated a myriad of artistic and cultural projects. I joined the collective in 2005 and began to organise parties with them in Valencia at the famous Metro Dance Club. We also were a part of the Mutek Festival in Montréal in 2007. After that I ended up in Valencia as a musical director for the collective.

And when did you first get in contact with the German dance scene?
It is a little confusing, but that was when I moved to Leipzig in between 2005 and 2007, I met a collective there and got the privilege to play at the Fusion festival in 2006. The Homoelektrik collective showed me how to feel close and like a part of something big-ger. It felt like a family with them. That is the spirit that I was searching for – I am Spanish, you know! (laughs)

What brought you to Berlin in 2011?
I was booked for an event in August 2011 at ://about blank. At that time the club was still quite new. Helena Hauff was DJing with me. That night, I met Traxx, the guys from Rush Hour, and a lot of people who were coming for this immense event. When I finished my set, Nico [Deuster, alias DJ Flush], the founder of Killekill, came to me and was talking about my energy and that it fits perfectly to Killekill’s. He said: “Please, let’s stay in contact when you move to Berlin.“ I did not even know what Killekill was, but he convinced me. The rest is history.

You are now a part of the Killekill family, how did Killekill win you over?
It feel like a family. Basically, the social aspect convinced me, it is very strong in the Killekill family. For example projects like Ick Mach Welle that aims at giving people with disabilities the chance to learn how to produce electronic music with synthesizers! Musically they think in the same way. Free activism on the decks! It is very important for me to have an open space where you can freely express yourself as a DJ, to play every record you want. Usually I prepare myself, but I have never prepared a whole set, not even the mix I made for Resident Advisor. Some records I knew I want to play but the rest is spontaneous. Besides that, Nico and I have this magical connection and think of the same artists, when he asks me for suggestions for Krake festival. (laughs) For one of the first Krake festivals, we sat together and talked about artists we wanted to book and we both thought about Umwelt. Nico had his very first record and was pretty into his music and I would have loved to see him. What a coincidence, I was thinking.

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