DJ Spit – Groove Podcast 325

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Photo: Presse (DJ Spit)

DJ Spit is one of Berlin’s most versatile DJs. He’s prolific, too. Having launched the Rascals label last Spring, he is currently working on taking the Verteiler collective he’s been part of for a while a step further. His mix for our Groove podcast displays one of the many different sides of the Berlin-based selector: it’s a bass-heavy mix, inspired by UK garage and other strains of the funkier side of the hardcore continuum.

First off, how have the last two years been for you?

The last two years can be divided into two parts. The first year was mostly about slowing down and relaxing after the turbulent years before, whereas the second year was about planning my next steps. However, I have to be honest and say that I am getting more and more frustrated at the moment, as all planning has to be postponed over and over again. The positive thing about it is that you are not alone.

While DJs had a lot of time to discover new music, it was impossible at times to test it out in front of live audiences. Would you say that your taste, your selection or your approach to DJing more generally have changed over this time?

My taste in music continues to change and refine every other six months, so I can’t say one hundred percent that it has changed particularly because of the pandemic. The inspiration you get from your own gigs and especially from other people’s sets has become weaker though.

You’ve founded the label Rascals in 2021 with a mini-compilation featuring Cobber, DJ Mell G, Nova Cheq and Paàl. What’s the overall concept behind Rascals?

I could use fancy words here, but I strongly believe that the music speaks for itself. The idea is that the musical diversity I try to embody in my sets is reflected in the label. So it’s a label that doesn’t follow a certain musical ideology but rather a very personal project that presents the sound of our time. No matter what genre.

The second release has also been announced, it will be another compilation. Why this format in particular?

We thought to distribute the first two releases in a mini compilation format to give the listeners a preview of upcoming releases and to show the musical diversity of the label right from the start. Furthermore, I personally wanted to give several artists a platform, as most of them would otherwise have had little output during the pandemic.

You will also start a second label, Verteiler, with three other people. Why run two labels at the same time, and what purpose will Verteiler serve as opposed to Rascals?

Verteiler can be seen more as a collective. We are Jimi (CcC) and Ruben (Fiber), with whom I recently played a two-hour B2B session for Crude, and Valentin, who takes care of everything behind the scenes. The collective will have music, other releases and a party. Everything is in the starting blocks.

Though active as a DJ for quite a while, you haven’t yet debuted as a producer, but mentioned that you are “open to it.” Are you currently working on music projects on the side?

I have my little studio now and am busy producing. My motivation is on another level at the moment, you can be curious.

What was the idea behind your mix for our Groove podcast?

I wanted to show another facet of myself and therefore created a bass-heavy, garage-oriented mix. As long as the clubs are closed I don’t really feel like doing 150+ bpm sets. Well, at least not on that day. (laughs)

Last but not least: What are your plans for the future?

To make Berlin sexy again!

Stream: DJ Spit – Groove Podcast 325

01. Ramadanman – I Beg You
02. Monir – Overpass
03. Le Makeup – Founda (Galter Mix)
04. Tower Block Dreams – Wicked Ya No
05. Amor Satyr – Dembi
06. She Spells Doom – Earthly Pleasures
07. Sha Sha Kimbo – Shakedown
08. Pluralist – Drum Track
09. Dj Crisps – Mind & Soul
10. Bworner – Cripwalk
11. Drama – Its too late
12. LMajor – Feeling (ft. Fracture)
13. K-65 – Break Even
14. RSD – Jay Wah (Oldboy 2Step Mix)
15. Eyesight – To Every Dj
16. Tom Frankel – BreakNeck
17. Octavian – Bet (Celestial Being’s ‘I Just Grabbed A Reload’ Mix)
18. Oldboy – Too Many Clangs
19. Baby T – Unreleased
20. 128 kbps – Sex in the city
21. Dj Savage – Excuses
22. Fundamental Knowledge – 1994-20 (Sarah Farina Mix)
23. Mori Jarriem – Foawei (Keiju Remix)

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