Kristoffer Cornils

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Kristoffer Cornils war zwischen Herbst 2015 und Ende 2018 Online-Redakteur der GROOVE. Er betreut den wöchentlichen GROOVE Podcast sowie den monatlichen GROOVE Resident Podcast und schreibt die zweimonatliche Kolumne konkrit.

Jenny Cara – Groove Podcast 359

Three decks, a rotary mixer and infinite possibilities: Studio Kali and eXchange co-founder Jenny Cara goes peak time.

VAAL – Groove Podcast 358

VAAL's Groove mix features music from the producer's sophomore album as well as a previously unreleased cut and a nod to Scottish powerhouse Mogwai.

Ciel – Groove Podcast 357

Parallel Minds co-owner Ciel brings together two of her passions—euphoric trance and percussive bass music—during her two-hour Groove mix.

phrex (Kapitel Bollwerk) – Groove Resident Podcast 34

A member of Dubtopia, Midilux, or montsomnia as well as a prolific producer, phrex represents Bern's Kapitel Bollwerk on the Resident Podcast.

Molly – Groove Podcast 356

Hot on the heels of her extraordinary EP for Kilómetro 4.5, Molly's multi-faceted Groove mix features new material from the French producer.

Henning Baer – Groove Podcast 355

MANHIGH-Betreiber, Grounded Theory-Veranstalter und RSO-Booker Henning Baer liefert einen energiegeladenen Groove-Mix ab.

„Das Berghain schließt für immer!” – Nope. Über ein journalistisches Totalversagen mit Ansage

Diverse Medien berichten von der anstehenden Schließung des Berghain. In unserem Kommentar dröseln wir auf, wie es zu dieser Ente kam.

Antal – Groove Podcast 354

Antal celebrates Rush Hour's 25th birthday by putting together a Groove mix with recent and upcoming releases from the label.

Jana Woodstock – Groove Podcast 353

The invasion of her home country has left its mark on the music that Ukrainian DJ and producer Jana Woodstock plays. Her Groove mix mirrors these changes.

September 2022: Album des Monats

Das Album des Monats bietet auf eigentümliche Art räumliche Perspektiven auf eine Kunstform, die primär mit Zeit assoziiert wird.

Chino – Groove Podcast 352

We Are Radar member Chino takes an obscure early 1980s bagpipe song as a starting point for a rough oldschool mix touching upon industrial, EBM, and more.

Marylou – Groove Podcast 351

Morphine-affiliated DJ and Rinse France as well as Cashmere Radio host Marylou showcases her broad taste and knack for blending very different types of music

Innershades – Groove Podcast 350

Innershades has been keeping very busy during the pandemic, working on side projects and the Altered Circuits label. His Groove mix keeps it atmospheric.

Katatonic Silentio – Groove Podcast 349

With her Groove mix, the Italian producer, DJ and academic Katatonic Silentio slowly finds her way back to the dancefloor.

ROD_A (Mauerpfeiffer) – Groove Resident Podcast 33

Adapter-Mitveranstalter, Booker und Resident: ROD_A prägt den Saarbrücker Mauerpfeiffer auf diverse Arten. Sein Resident-Mix ist eigenwillig.