It might sound trite, but Terrence Dixon is a true Detroit Techno veteran. It’s a status he not only deserves in regards to his 2000s debut album and genre classic From The Far Future, but rather draws on his enduring legacy. Just recall the recent years: After announcing his retirement from music in 2014, Dixon released a digital album on Bandcamp, appeared on labels such as Ostgut Ton, Trip (under his Population One alias) as well as Out Electronic Recordings, on which his latest long player 12.000 Miles Of Twilight in July was released. We called Dixon “the hardest-working hustler in Detroit” in our current issue Groove 167 for a reason.

But apart from his musical heritage, the US producer never lost the strong ties to his hometown. Even more: Three years ago, Dixon founded the platform “Minimal Detroit” that comprises “events, tours, artist agency and local community, with record and clothing labels to follow”. Its purpose is not only to revitalize the city in general but also offering Detroit’s young upcoming generation a community to develop their own ideas. For our series Off The Tracks, the American tells us more about his city’s reflections and motives for establishing “Minimal Detroit”.



Here in Detroit, I am concerned about how our city is raising its young people. I live here in the city, and it pains me to see the divide, which appears to get wider. I know people find it hard to look into the future, but these children and young people become adults. And these adults could hold some important positions that affect us, the current generation.

I am troubled about the youth here learning lessons about life. Exposing them to a better, alternative way of life, so they know they have options outside of their current situation is essential. On a daily basis, I see kids on the streets. When school is out, the kids have nowhere to go and nothing to do. The kids get dressed up to go to the corner store. They walk really slowly to make the trip last longer because there’s nowhere else to go.

Stream: Terrence Dixon – Minimal Detroit Vol. 1

I have had many conversations here with the Detroit Police Department (DPD) about how to work together, particularly on youth issues. For those reading outside of Detroit: The DPD is a unique and special organization and unlike any police force you have ever encountered. They truly understand the city and know its people and communities. One of my band members even works part time in the DPD. I bet you don’t see police playing techno outside of Detroit.

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