Global GROOVE: Electronic Music Journalism – How to Watch the Workshops

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Having announced our Global GROOVE workshop programme Electronic Music Journalism in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut in late June, we are now very excited to start from Monday, the 17th of August. Below you will find a list of the individual sessions, with each of them linking to a YouTube live stream.

Due to some technical problems, all the nine workshops as well as the conclusive group discussion with the ten participants we chose from a stunning 170 applicants, will be conducted via Zoom instead of Adobe Connect. To give all applicants who were not selected and the general public a chance to view these and ask questions via the YouTube live chat function – please note that we cannot guarantee that all of them will be answered during the sessions – or watch the archived footage at a later point, a link to each session will be included every day five minutes before the start of each of one. Please note that “Three Decades of Techno and Techno Journalism in Germany” will not be streamed or archived publicly.

Each session will start at 1pm CEST, meaning that you should be able to access them from 12.55pm CEST on. Alternatively, you can go directly to GROOVE’s YouTube channel, subscribe and thus receive notifications at the start of every live stream.

08/17: “Digital Journalism” (GROOVE editor-in-chief Alexis Waltz)
08/18: “Three Decades of Techno and Techno Journalism in Germany” (former GROOVE editor-in-chief Heiko Hoffmann und former GROOVE editor Thilo Schneider, not public)
08/19: “Identifying Topics: News, Features, Interviews, and Commentary” (GROOVE editor Maximilian Fritz)
08/20: “How to Write a Pitch and Get Your Story Published” (long-time GROOVE writer Christoph Benkeser)
08/21: “Interviews” (former GROOVE editor Kristoffer Cornils)

08/24: “Features and Reportages” (former GROOVE editor Laura Aha)
08/25: “Social Media and Music Journalism” (former GROOVE editor Cristina Plett)
08/26: “Conflicts of Interest and Criticism” (former GROOVE editor Kristoffer Cornils)
08/27: “Boundaries and Ethics in Music Journalism” (former GROOVE editor Laura Aha)
08/28: “Regional Music Reporting in a Globalised World” (group discussion)

Below, you’ll find a playlist with all past workshops.

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