Global Groove

Global GROOVE: Towards an International Code of Ethics for Music Publications

In times of crisis we need to re-evaluate our practice as music journalists, argues former GROOVE editor Kristoffer Cornils. His proposal: an international code of ethics for music publications.

Nyege Nyege: How the Festival and the Label from Uganda Made Electronic Music from Sub-Saharan Africa Visible

Read our feature about Nyege Nyege to understand how they made electronic music from sub-Saharan Africa recognized throughout the world.

Dread of Night

Manila's queer rave scene thrives despite and, ironically, thanks to its oppressors. Justiz K. Laude's short story about a fateful night out explores the desires, acts of rebellion and harsh repressions the community in the Philippines has to face.

Lagim Sa Dilim

Munting kabalighuan na sadyang di mawalay ang pag-usbong ng queer rave sa Manila sa mismong panunupil nito. Sa maikling kwento ni Justiz K. Laude ukol sa isang gabing gimikan, masusubaybayan ang mga hangarin, salungatan, at pang-aaping hinaharap ng komunidad na ito sa Pilipinas.
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Egypt’s Mahraganat Music: Lost in Translation Between Inconvenience & Commodification

Mahraganat is on the rise for over a decade now. Fady Adel traces its birth in Egypt and explains its ongoing metamorphosis and its conflicts.

Live Coding en México: Las mujeres que hackean la estructura patriarcal de la música electrónica

¡Hackea el sistema! Más y más mujeres programan su camino en la escena de live coding. Conoce a las productoras que están cambiando la cara de la música electrónica en México para bien.

Live Coding in Mexico: These Women Hack Electronic Music’s Patriarchal Power Structures

Hack the system! More and more women are coding their way into the live coding scene. Get to know the producers who are about to change the face of Mexico’s electronic music scene for good.

Dönüşen Sound’lar, Dönüşen Alanlar: İstanbul’un Yeni Kuir Müzik Kültürü

Son on yılda, kuir müzisyenler ve aktivistler, İstanbul'un merkezinde büyüyen, bağımsız bir gece hayatı kurmayı başardılar.
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Transforming Sound, Transforming Space: the Architects of Istanbul’s New Queer Music Culture

In the last ten years, queer musicians and activists managed to build a sprawling, independent nightlife within the center of Istanbul.

“I’m Not So Bad at This”: Meet Knopha, China’s Most Important Low-Key DJ

Having endured draconian anti-virus measures, China’s club scene is back on its feet again. Jaime Chu follows the low-key Knopha around the country and tells the story of a DJ who connects disparate scenes as effortlessly as he blends different styles in his sets.

「原來做得還不算太差。」:認識中國最重要的低調DJ Knopha

經歷了嚴峻的新冠疫情,中國地下俱樂部的場景在年中重整旗鼓。 Jaime Chu跟隨Knopha走訪各地的派對,試圖了解一個低調的音樂人在看似穿梭於截然不同的場景之間游刃有餘的背後,是如何把DJ的工作做到極致。

“They Want Our Music But Not the Struggle”: the Musicians Forging a New Central American Identity

The organic sound from Latin America has been making waves, but its makers have to still grapple with the continuous impact of colonialism.
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“Quieren nuestra música pero no nuestra lucha”: los músicos forjando una nueva identidad centroamericana

El sonido orgánico proveniente de Centroamérica ha estado haciendo olas. Sus creadores tienen que lidiar con el impacto del colonialismo.

Heard But Not Seen: The Untold Story of Women in Afro House

The history of Afro House can't be told without women that helped shape its sound. Jackie Queens tells the story of three female artists who were and are crucial to the genre's genesis.

Whodat Got Soul: The Brilliant Resilience of Terri McQueen

Throughout her life, in times of sickness and in health, the Detroit producer and DJ Whodat's guiding light has always been music – even when she lost most of her memory of it. Crystal Mioner tells Terri McQueen's story.