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Live Coding en México: Las mujeres que hackean la estructura patriarcal de la música electrónica

¡Hackea el sistema! Más y más mujeres programan su camino en la escena de live coding. Conoce a las productoras que están cambiando la cara de la música electrónica en México para bien.

Live Coding in Mexico: These Women Hack Electronic Music’s Patriarchal Power Structures

Hack the system! More and more women are coding their way into the live coding scene. Get to know the producers who are about to change the face of Mexico’s electronic music scene for good.

Heard But Not Seen: The Untold Story of Women in Afro House

The history of Afro House can't be told without women that helped shape its sound. Jackie Queens tells the story of three female artists who were and are crucial to the genre's genesis.

Cream Crowd-Only: Why Inclusivity in Indian Nightlife is Turned Away at the Door

“Who gets in and who doesn’t?”: Amaan Khan probes into the factors motivating segregation at the doors of India's nightclubs and what it might take to bring these barriers of entry down.
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Global GROOVE: Introductory Note to the Participants’ Articles

The Global GROOVE: Electronic Music Journalism project enters its final stage: in the coming weeks, we will publish scene reports from all over the world.

Global GROOVE: Electronic Music Journalism – How to Watch the Workshops

You will be able to stream the Global GROOVE workshop programme in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut live on YouTube. Here's how.

Global GROOVE: Electronic Music Journalism – The Full Programme

This is the full programme for the music journalism workshops hosted by GROOVE Magazine in collaboration with Goethe-Institut.

Global GROOVE: Electronic Music Journalism

Apply now: We are inviting young journalists from all over the world to participate in a workshop programme on electronic music journalism with the aim of developing a written in-depth feature on their respective local scene.
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RÜCKSCHAU Meakusma Night III (Belgien, 16.02.13)

Fotos: Caroline Lessire / Sascha Uhlig 1951 wurde das Goethe Institut gegründet, 2008 erschien Meakusmas erste Veröffentlichung und seit 2011 machen das Kulturinstitut und das...

BORDER MOVEMENT Goethe, Bass und Biryani

„Merging music from South Asia and Germany“, so lautet das Mission Statement der neuen Online-Plattform Border Movement, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat,...

GEISTER IM CLUB Monolake, Anstam und Farben in Brüssel

Wenn staatliche Kulturorganisationen subkulturelle Veranstaltungen fördern, kommt nicht immer etwas Gutes dabei heraus. In Brüssel hat der örtliche Ableger des Goethe Instituts jedoch alles...