For seven years, Berlin-based photographer Carolin Saage never went to Bar25 – the city's legendary party playground – without her camera. She even lived in a trailer on the riverside compound for twelve months and became a part of the collective running the venue, which allowed her to capture the most intimate and authentic portraits of the club and its visitors. For Groove TV, Saage talks about everyday life in the bar and unveils the stories behind some of her favourite shots which were shown in a solo exhibition in Berlin earlier this year.

After the closing of Bar25 in October 2010, a new venue promises to keep the open-minded spirit of the club alive: Kater Holzig, run by a part of the former Bar25 crew, opened in July on the opposite side of the river Spree. Like its predecessor it features a restaurant and various open-air spaces. The opening weekend is covered in the current print issue of Groove magazine – illustrated with a picture by Carolin Saage.

This video kicks off our new Groove TV series that will cover electronic music and club culture in and beyond Berlin. Although the first video is only available in German, we will be running English language contributions from time to time. Episode one is nevertheless worth a look, even if you don't understand the dialogue: The powerful imagery of Carolin Saage speaks for itself.

Video: Groove TVCarolin Saage: Die Bar25 im Fokus

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