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With his new album Daemmerlicht, Lorenz Brunner has reconnected to his hip hop roots while staying true to the rich melancholic sound that has been at the core of the Recondite sound from the very beginning. His contribution to our Groove podcast however, his first DJ mix in years, sees the Plangent owner aiming straight for the dancefloor with a mix of classics and new material, some of which is forthcoming.



You have originally started out as a DJ, however you rarely play sets these days and primarily tour as a live act. Why?
That is something that has evolved this way in recent years since at some point I started concentrating more on producing than on collecting and consuming music. Playing live just made sense then.

After you’ve only used subtle rhythmic elements on Daemmerlicht, your contribution to our Groove podcast is now a classically beat-oriented one. What was your idea behind it?
Actually, I’ve just tried to mix an hour of music that I like and which I enjoy in a dancefloor context. I haven’t published a mix like that in quite some time, so it was fun to do it again.

Apart from a few newer Plangent releases and some of your own tracks, tunes by Efdemin, the Wighnomy Brothers and Marcel Dettmann’s Morphosis remix can be found on the track list. How did you select the tracks for the mix?
Recently I’ve had the chance to spontaneously play B2B sets with friends of mine. For example together with Marcus Worgull in Cologne’s Gewölbe or with Mind Against and Tale of Us in Buenos Aires. During those sessions, I have also played one or two tracks that ended up in my Groove mix. Additionally, I just like it when a few classics go well together with new material. That sometimes leads to unforseen combinations and interesting harmonies.

You have completed the mix during a weekend on tour. Considering your tight schedule these days, how do you even find new techno and house music?
That is actually not quite correct. I took a whole week of time in Bavaria. There I now have a second, smaller studio with a DJ-setup installed where I finished off the mix.

The Uchi track in your mix came out on the first Plangent release by another artist. Why did you decide to open up Plangent for other artists and what’s important to you in running the label?
Honstly speaking I’ve realised that there are apparently people out there who also have a thing fora laid-back, quiet yet deep sound who keep sending me their productions. I’d love Plangent to be a platform for this kind of music that isn’t necessarily aimed at the classical dancefloor but still takes place in a 4/4 context without being overly wired.

Last but not least: Where can we catch a live – or even DJ – set of yours in the immediate future and what are your plans as a producer and label owner?
I have just completed two remixes, the first of which for Jimi Jules can also be heard in the mix. The other one will be a surprise. My EP on Afterlife is coming soon, too. I’m looking forward to playing a few gigs around Germany. Panorama Bar in May, Studio Essen, Blitz Club Munich, but also a handful of beautiful festivals like DGTL Amsterdam or the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Stream: Recondite – Groove Podcast 151

01. Jordan Polling – Lands End
02. Efdemin – Transducer
03. Cliff Martinez – Bride of Deluxe (Etapp Kyle Edit)
04. Wighnomy Brothers – Bobb
05. Palms Trax – In Gold
06. DJ Richard – Path of Ruin (Pain Mix)
07. Leafar Legov – Cenote
08. Mind Against – Cloud Nine (Alex.Do Remix)
09. Morphosis – Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 2)
10. SOEL – Classified Remote Detachment
11. Jimi Jules – Abandoned Soul (Recondite RMX)
12. Uchi – Luna
14. Recondite – Durch Den Hohlweg

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