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Music On’s Ibiza 2017 residency is the Marco Carola’s longest on the legendary party island yet and brings a slew of fresh names to the iconic Amnesia club. However, Music On wouldn’t be the tight-knit family it is if it weren’t for its residents. Paco Osuna has become a member of the Music On crew in 2014 and will of course also share the decks with his fellows during this year’s season. This Friday, he will take the decks of the Club Room, where Secret Cinema will go back to back with Egbert while Carola and Audiofly/ will go deep on the Terrace. We caught up with Osuna before Music On’s return to Amnesia.



How long have you been part of the Music On family – and how did your connection to Marco and the team develop?
This is my third season and I’ve had a strong connection with Marco for many years, since 1999. We always liked the idea of working together, so three years ago when the possibility to join Music On came around, for me it was an honour to be part of it and work together with my best friend.

Music On is one of the strongest brands on Ibiza – what do they do differently and what’s the secret of their success in your opinion?
Music On has its own personality, they don’t look at what others are doing, they have their own philosophy and are true to their concepts and ideas about creating a night in Ibiza. The name says it all, Music On, the music is the main protagonist

What characterises your relationship with each other?
Music On is a real family and as in every family, love and affection towards each one of its members is fundamental. I personally have an excellent relationship with my booth mates and with all the Music On team. It is very gratifying to work side by side with the same purpose and without egos struggles or differences in status. Music On is a family.

How would you describe the musical identity of the Music On events?
Music for parties! Freedom to be yourself with your own musical idea.

Which three tracks won’t leave your playlist this summer?
Detlef’s “Swagon (feat Ossey James)”, DJ Shufflemaster’s “Re Weekend (Paco Osuna Remix)” and “Jazz Affair Kick” by Aiby & The Noise

Music On Ibiza
June 16, 2017

Line-up: Marco Carola, Audiofly, Paco Osuna, Egbert b2b Secret Cinema

Carretera Ibiza a San Antonio
07816 Ibiza

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