Eduardo De La Calle

Groove Podcast 51

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Eduardo De La Calle is as reclusive as he is prolific. After relocating to the Spanish countryside a few years back, the producer’s output has nearly doubled. However, his sound has become deeper as well, which is also reflected in his contribution to Groove‘s podcast series. Listen to it after our brief interview with De La Calle.



Your output is quite impressive and it seems like you become more and more productive over time. Is there one record in particular that you are really proud of? Or is there maybe one record which you think wasn’t ready to be released?
My new EP Adept To The Light on Planet Rhythm is one of the best record I ever made. It contains a song called “TR3B conspiracy” and was inspired a lot by the old Richie Hawtin material from the early times, 20 years ago. The record will be out soon.

You live rather remotely in the Spanish countryside. Do you think it’s an advantage for you to be removed from the club scene?
I learned everything I needed to know about music and how to make it and after a lot of traveling and living in many places I decided to move to a quiet place to do what had to be done and what I should do in this period of my life. And yes, I really think that being away from big cities and huge populations gives me a lot more mental clarity.

“Do you think that human life, with all the magic that it has, has been created to record Techno or House music in a recording studio and then to travel every weekend and perform?”, you asked Marco Faraone when talking with him for us recently. What would your answer to that question be?
The answer to that question depends on what each person thinks about this concept and in fact the answer to that question from my empiricism (which doesn’t equal my opinion) is my real experience. It would be an answer that could be written down in a large book, but if I try to answer you in brief, then automatically we’ll enter a fight where you’ll say I’m crazy or I would say that you’re blind. At this point, I prefer to leave it as it is. Life is something magical but also is something full of suffering, so it’s better to use it to level up in the development of consciousness of our soul. Art and music are good for mankind as a means of evolution. But as fun, they are basically a trap for the soul. We are here to learn and that requires discipline. Fun is fine, don’t get me wrong, but it is also childish if you want to understand the reality and its meaning.

Where and how did you record your mix?
In Protools and in my studio without any doubt, and everything in analogue and sometimes all in mono so it sounds fat!

Did you have a specific concept for it in mind?
To be inspired is the most important thing for me, which is a bit negative as well because it is an emotion and I prefer transcendence. I’m still learning to achieve that and I think I will never stop doing just that.

What’s next for you, on which project’s are you working on right now?
Well, there is always stuff on the blackboard. A new 12″ on Alesi Delano’s new label, a new EP on Mule Musiq is coming soon and another record an Planet Rythym in the UK.


Download (MP3, 320 kBit/s, 41:03 Min., 94 MB)

1. Omar-S & Luke Hess – Outspace Drive
2. Dark Comedy – In A Room
3. Luke Hess – Believe & Receive
4. Orbe – Falling And Rising Tides
5. Marko Fürstenberg – Site 312
6. Pablo Mateo – Je Suis
7. Prince Of Denmark – Your Body
8. Eduardo De La Calle – Subtile Musik

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