Ten years ago, Ashique Subhan alias Subb-an handed Adam Shelton a CD with a live performance and ever since things haven’t been the same. The two became close friends, organised parties in their native Birmingham and eventually founded their own record label One Records. Before the two of them will play at fabric‘s Room 2 on March 12th along with The Mole and Yamen & EDA, Subb-an sat down with us for a brief chat and recorded a mix to set the mood for the weekend.



Do you still remember your first time at fabric, as a guest or a DJ? What was your impression?
I don’t remember my first time as such but I definitely remember my first experiences at the club. I used to go there most weekend in my teens and the impression was more than overwhelming. Everything about the club was perfect, the sound, the layout and the residents really made the club for me. The production in both room one and two was always and still is so on point. I used to go there with my friends to escape the mundane mid-week routines of college and part time work. I am lucky enough to be able to play there regularly, it still is my favourite place to play, and even when I’m not playing, I’ll always pop in if I’m in London.

Now, you are a regular at the club and will host a label showcase there on March 11th. Looking back on the label’s seven year history, what were the most memorable and crucial moments for you?
I think starting the label was the most crucial. It was a great time for both Adam and I and what we were doing in Birmingham. When we decided to start the label, this was the natural extension of supporting our own sound and our friends music; the best thing about the label is that it is just as exciting now as it was seven years ago. We have had great artists on board and are lucky to be around such great music, we have a solid schedule and no pressure over releases, it’s organic and we work at our own pace, when something really grabs our attention, we make it happen. This is really why we started One Records and what we still do. Our latest release is a very good example of this, it’s just a one sided bomb that sits in a whole league on it’s own, from one of our English friend that lives in LA. The label has grown in a great direction and we’re lucky to be able to host regular events in our favourite clubs. We’re obviously playing fabric on March 11th, but also celebrated One’s birthday at Watergate on the 2nd with Cab Drivers live and Voigtmann. I’m still recovering from this…

Can you tell us a little bit about the line-up of the evening – how for example came the idea of inviting The Mole about?
We regularly host One Records showcases at fabric so we like to switch the line up a bit, there are of course the usual crew, Adam and I but we have recently had the chance to get The Mole to remix a track for Shaun Reeves and Tuccillo that is forthcoming on the label later this year. We have always been fan of him so it’s a pleasure to have him with us on that night. Yemen & Eda are good friends from Montpellier (France), I play with them when I go down them and they also have a release coming up on One, we really buzz off these lads !

You’ve made a mix in advance of the gig. Where and how did you record it?
It was a pleasure to record this for you guys, I simply recorded it in my home set up in Friedrichshain, using Pioneer CDJs & a Allen & Heath Xone 93.

Did you have a specific concept for this mix in mind?
I wouldn’t quite call it a concept but yeah I wanted to play what I’m playing in clubs at the moment, a lot of my previous podcasts have been for my radio shows on Rinse, so they are a little deeper…. I wanted this mix to get people in the mood for the weekend!

What’s next for you, on which project’s are you working on right now?
I’ve been loving life in Berlin, I have a great studio I share with Dan from Cab Drivers, spending most of my time there when I’m not touring. Been getting busy with keyboards, digital and analogue gear, producing a lot of stuff, working with other producers and vocalists. I have a lot of new juicy stuff coming out soon on Cabinet Recordings, Beste Fruende with the Beste Modus guys, Cocoon and of course One Records. Can’t wait for you to hear, I might or might not have teased a couple of bits in this mix!

We are giving away 2×2 tickets for One Records at Fabric Room 2 with Subb-an, The Mole and others. Please send us an e-mail with the subject line Fabric until Friday, March 11th!


Download (MP3, 320 kBit/s, 70:00 Min., 160 MB)

1. SUBB-AN – Musik On My Mind
2. Julian Perez – Now After
3. Fabe & Tolga Top – Away From the 16th (Diego Krause Remix)
4. Housey Doingz – Naff Off
5. Manara – foundation
6. Seb Zito – Holywell
7. Def Joints Edit
8. Tommy Vicari Jr. – Suction
9. Daniel Paul & Subb-an – Night Rhythm – Cabinet Records
10. Subb-an ft Isis Salam – want you – Beste Freunde records
11. Jaffa_Surfa_-_Fuuls_(Bassa_Clan_Tool_Mix)
13. Burnski – Dub Life (S_A_M Reshape)



One Records at FabricOne Records at Fabric Room 2
12 March 2016

Line-up Room 1: Craig Richard, Jesse Calosso, Martinez Brothers

Line-up Room 2: Adam Shelton, Subb-an, The Mole (live), Yamen & EDA



77a Charterhouse St.
London EC1M 3HN


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