DJ Lycox – Groove Podcast 337

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Photo: Marta Pina (DJ Lycox)

DJ Lycox is one of the most forward-thinking producers affiliated with the Portuguese Príncipe Discos, working with the sounds and rhythms of the loosely defined batida genre that draws on a variety of African dance styles. Last year’s Lycoxera EP saw him also embrace afrohouse more openly, but mainting the peculiar sound signature that marks both his vinyl releases on the label as well as the numerous tracks he regularly releases through his own channels: there’s a certain sonic rawness that is still melodic, a rhythmic complexity that relies heavily on the irresistible grooves that it is built upon. His mix for our Groove podcast is chock-full of tunes by Tia Maria Produções, his crew with B.boy, Danifox, Poco, and Puto Márcio, as well as some choice cuts from his own catalogue. It’s a wild 30-minute ride – a groove thang indeed, from start to finish.

How did you first get into music making and what did your first steps as a producer look like?

I started making music thanks to DJ Edifox who was the influence in my neighborhood in 2009, my sounds were strange and very loud but I still liked them because I was discovering a new world.

What does your preferred set-up look like these days, i.e. what programmes and/or hardware do you work with?

Currently Maschine is my favorite programme and piece of gear, being able to create my sounds nowadays with the Native gear has made my musical world easier, because when I have an idea in mind I can immediately extract it with the help of Maschine Jam and MK3. But FL Studio remains the love of my heart as well.

Your latest release for Príncipe, the Lycoxera EP, saw you work with a broad palette of styles and sounds, including afrohouse influences. How did the release come together and are there certain topics that informed it?

To be honest, my Lycoxera EP was all based on emotions and events lived in 2019, I spent a lot of time also discovering new sounds and that influenced it a lot.

What role does DJing play in your work?

The role as a DJ is very important in my work as a producer because sometimes I get stuck without being able to create a track and when I go to play, the next day I get a boost and a thousand ideas pop into my head because I felt the people vibrating with the music.

What was the idea behind your mix for our Groove podcast?

The idea was to make a mix with an inspiring Groove throughout to represent the name of the magazine.

Last but not least: What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future I cannot reveal yet, but people will feel them through the projects that will be launched.

Stream: DJ Lycox – Groove Podcast 337

01. Tia Maria Produções – MUY CALIENTE
02. DJ Lycox – 60% DE SWISWI
03. Tia Maria Produções – AGORA ABRI
04. Tia Maria Produções – FLUTY JUICYY
05. Tia Maria Produções – ANUBIS
06. DJ Lycox – SELE MAMA
07. Tia Maria Produções – KILOMBO
08. Tia Maria Produções – NO MUSICBOX
09. Tia Maria Produções – VOU BALAR
10. Tia Maria Produções – SO ESSE BEAT
11. Tia Maria Produções – RELOADED pt.2 (let it go RMIX)
12. Tia Maria Produções – RAINSHAKE
13. Tia Maria Produções – PAPI ADLIBS
14. Tia Maria Produções – MANOBRA
15. Tia Maria Produções – MACACOS DO BAIRRO
16. Tia Maria Produções – LATA DO GUETTO
17. Tia Maria Produções – TRAPPIN BIRDS

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