J-Zbel – Groove Podcast 231

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Photo: Press (J-Zbel)

Very little is known about the French trio J-Zbel and it appears as if they would like to keep it that way. When asked for an interview to accompany their contribution to our Groove podcast, the group declined through a spokesperson of their label Brothers From Different Mothers. One thing however is for sure: that J-Zbel may just be the most interesting act to emerge from the BFDM camp along similarly reclusive projects like The Pilotwings. While references to 90s trance and happy hardcore have become a staple in dance music in recent times, J-Zbel took that one step further with this year’s hideously titled Dog’s Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up LP. It’s a record that sounds like someone sought out the most unnerving micro-trends of the heydays of rave culture and put it in a blender. While that itself may not be innovative, the thing that sets J-Zbel apart from their contemporaries is that they make you feel like you, too, are stuck in that damn blender, trying to cling to anything while centrifugal forces pull you apart. And the end result of course, which sounds deliciously unique. Much like their mix for Groove, featuring tracks from A$AP Ferg, Kablam and J.G. Biberkopf – because of course. It’s a wild ride, no doubt.

Stream: J-Zbel – Groove Podcast 231

01. Mick Hayes – Smells Like A Kebab!
02. Metta World Peace – Oceanic Obliquity
03. EPROM – The Cat
04. Centauri – Invicta
05. Xao – Gutter
06. A$AP Ferg – Floor Seats
07. Prende – Master
08. KABLAM – Problems
09. Holy Phase 4 (Bootleg) – Mortimer-Dubaton
10. Clara! Y Maoupa – Badman
11. v1984 – Aria Of Dawn
12. Tera Octe – Jumpafly (Unreleased)
13. Lojii – Run It Down
14. J.G. Biberkopf – Age Of Aquarius
15. Lastrack – Worlds Transgression (Unreleased)
16. Luxxuryproblems – Contact, Escape, Nitrogen (Existenz)
17. Yatta – Rollin
18. DJ Sany Pitbull – Funk Alemao
19. Trance Opera – Oleantus Timpani Overture
20. 600W – Scatman

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