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It’s not exactly a secret that France’s techno scene has been striving, the question is just for how long exactly. One thing that is for sure however is that Blocaus is on the forefront in establishing a new sound in the country’s capital Paris. With events in various locations all over the city, it proved to be an ideal breeding ground for Anetha, who in 2015 debuted on Spencer Parker’s Work Them and has since delivered a slew of releases that combine a 90s-inspired rave sentiment with a no frills approach to contemporary techno. Having just returned to the Blocaus Series with a new EP, Anetha’s contribution to our Groove podcast highlights the many different facets of her taste as a DJ.



Your latest EP is called Bionic Romance, one track is titled “Ultra Speed Dating”, which together hints at an underlying theme. Which topics informed the music?
I like to put together words that seems at first really opposed to each other, and to refer to different universes and times. After a moment of reflection, I found that “bionic” was referring to the future, and that “romance” was more belonging to an ancient world. I kept the famous themes of love to find the names of the tracks on the EP. Regarding “Ultra Speed Dating”, we constantly add superlatives to describe everything. So, I found funny to apply terms that are usually used to describe hardware to love and to relationships between people. Also the name fits with the feeling that I tried to build in my track: something fast but sensual as well.

Bionic Romance has been released by Blocaus Series, the label that sprung from the event series of the same name. You co-manage the imprint and have inaugurated it in 2016 with your Leftover Love EP. How do you program the label, and what is important to you when you do your A&R work?
The idea at the beginning was to launch a label in order to support, develop the French Techno scene, and also to push all the DJ resident inside the Blocaus crew. We felt that something was missing at this period, we wanted to contribute and help the scene to grow, but not only by organizing events. I have helped the label, mostly at the beginning on different artistic sides: for the cover and artworks, the tracks and artists selection, and of course as a producer. Now, I’m touring a lot since the past two years but I am still involved in it along (Blocaus founders) Farouk and Mehdi and it was important and the right time for me to release another EP on it. I also really love to find some fresh stuff and discover new artists. Now that the label is up and running well, maybe I will also try to launch another new project soon.

The Blocaus Series was started after four years of throwing parties all around Paris under the Blocaus name, all of which you helped shape as a resident DJ from the very beginning. What is the philosophy behind the event series?
I don’t think that we can have the pretension to say that we wanted to do this or that. The thing that I love about electronic scene and music is that you never know what will really happen. A great party is like a big puzzle, where inside everyone feels connecting and aware of the people around them. At first, we mainly wanted to organise good parties in Paris, and when it became more serious we had a great public following us, so we launched the label. The was no need to overthink it.

“Our generation loses interest quickly,” you stated in an interview, however at the same time spoke of a reemergence of club culture in Paris. Which obstacles do promoters and DJs face these days in the city and how would you characterise the crowds?
I said this because people are always looking for something new, it’s completely natural but the lifetime of things is very short today. So the question is how to be constantly renewed and offer something fresh. The public is energetic, enthusiastic and eager to discover new artists, places and sounds. In France and in Paris, club culture is growing fast indeed. But some of the clubs don’t seem to be able to offer enough freedom for a part of the public. That’s why a lot of new collectives emerge and respond to it by proposing alternative parties located in warehouses outside the city center of Paris. As an alternative. A second breath. But it’s not perfect, and it also comes with some new issues. It’s a delicate balance to find. Reemergence of club culture is great, but we have to grow and evolve in a sustainable way, not forgetting to rely on and respect the historical clubs and crews who created all that. Anyway, I’m really happy to see that the electronic scene in France keeps learning and growing. The new generation is exciting and resourceful!

What was the idea behind your contribution to our Groove podcast?
With all the gigs, productions and the label, I did’t find so much time this year to record DJ mixes. So I really wanted to do one more for 2018. I am hoping that people will be happy and motivated when they will listen it – like a great boost during the rainy and snowy days! (laughs) For my Groove mix, I specifically tried to show a side of me that is more raw and dirty but colorful at the same time. I am used to play and listen to lots of different styles of music, and wanted to share with you all of my facets. Hope you will enjoy even beyond the boundaries!

Last but not least: Where can we see you behind the decks in the near future, and what are your plans as a producer?
I will be bouncing with the kangaroos during Christmas for my debut tour in Australia. I have a big Italian and German NYE ready, and I will also be back to South America in February for a tour, followed by a tour through the USA for the first time. If I get the visa artist – fingers crossed. (laughs) A lot of great gigs are already confirmed for the next year too, with some of new countries, people and cultures to discover. Really looking forward to it! As a producer, I am cooking a lot of new projects, I will release remixes for Inhalt Der Nacht, DJ Varsovie, Shlømo and another important project in collaboration with a DJ that I love, but I can’t tell you more for now…

Stream: Anetha – Groove Podcast 188

01. Mcconville – Breakthrough
02. Quiltland – Persona
03. ‘R’ – Ocean
04. DJ Overdose – Wires Smoking
05. Peverelist – Roll with the Punches
06. Shadowax – А и Б
07. Unknown Artist – 202 A1
08. Scalameriya – Nisimoja (upcoming on Palicavonzvreca)
09. Randomer – Fat Purple Figs (upcoming on Headstrong)
10. Locked Club – Lomay Lomay
11. Mike Humphries -The punch
12. Plant43 – Fluid Reasoning
13. Inhalt Der Nacht – Deine Aura (Anetha Ravy Remix) (upcoming on Seelen)
14. Niki Istrefi – Gauss
15. Jerm – Breaking Point (Héctor Oaks Emergency Punk Remix)
16. Anetha – Nikita (unreleased)
17. Hadone – How To Fake Success (upcoming on Taapion)
18. (703) 863-4357 – Freezing
19. Hanayo – Joe Le Taxi

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