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If there have been two things missing in techno music these pasts years, they are joyfulness and dynamics. It’s almost as if the music reacted to the growing instability to the world around us by becoming more steady while the formerly utopian outlook became as bleak as anything you’d read on the news today. As a DJ and producer, Anastasia Kristensen seems to swim against that very current: strongly influenced by early and mid 90s rave music, her sets are full of twists and turns, ecstasy and bliss. The Russian-born and Copenhagen-based artist’s contribution to our Groove podcast makes no exception, however it may just be her most melodic mix yet – or at least that what Anastasia Kristensen says herself.



Since 2015, tracks of you have appeared on compilations and you have contributed some notable remixes for heavyweights like Special Request and Daniel Avery. Which role do remixes like these play in your work compared to your solo productions?
Doing remixes play a big artistic role to me. Experienced and succesful artists trust me with their work and that’s both honorable and a bit scary in a way. On the technical side I also really enjoy doing it. To me it’s a true symbol of creative cooperation and friendship.

Last year’s Strøm festival also saw you play a rare live set on a moving train. How did that gig come about and will it remain a one off occurrence?
It’s a tradition that Strøm festival ask local artists to compose music for a running metro. I am very proud of the result and it’s a joy to be able to present your own music to your friends and random passengers who all jump in the train. I certainly will have more live performances, but they are reserved for special occasions and locations so it won’t be a part of my regular touring schedule.

2018 saw you touring extensively throughout the world. What were the most memorable gigs you have played and places you have visited?
There were so many! Exit Festival’s Dance Arena was fantastic because it was just huge and having 25.000 people in front of you ready to dance is breathtaking. Communicating with dancers through music was really special. My recent shows with Bassiani in Tbilisi and Stereoarcade in Dubai with Analog Room have been memorable for people’s energy and enthusiasm. Not to forget the regular visits to London’s Fabric – I am buzzed to be a part of the NYE lineup. This summer Dimensions and Horst festival were beautiful and organized really well but again, there are so many people and places that deserve a shout out!

A full tour schedule can not only be physically and mentally trying, but also presents new challenges for a DJ. Which impact did that have on you personally and, more importantly, on your work as a DJ?
It has had a huge impact and I really believe it has changed my priorities, too. Never have I appreciated staying home for a few days in between travels as I do now, yet I am ready to hit the road whenever I have to go. I’m also always looking forward to what’s next whilst thinking how I can do well in the present too.

What was the idea behind your contribution to our Groove podcast?
I think this time a synth monster bit me as the mix turned out to be pretty melodic, which I’ve never presented to people before I believe. I also took a step back from the intensity I’m known for in my mix… But not for too long. I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Last but not least: Where can we see you behind the decks in the near future, and what are your plans as a producer?
As a producer, I plan and have produced versatile music so people would never be able to put me in any “genre box” – and hopefully soon you will see so for yourself with the new work on the way.
I tour loads in France this month and excited for my debut at Printworks in London – with Jeff Mills!

Stream: Anastasia Kristensen – Groove Podcast 185

01. Hiver & Hammer – 5 Million Miles featuring Javah (Exael Ambient Edit)
02. Milidiou – De Natura Return
03. dBridge – Monitored Meanings
04. Truncate – Wave 1 (Ray Kajioka Remix)
05. Duplex – Isolator
06. Markus Suckut – Take A Break
07. Farron – Veem
08. The Leap – Idiocracy
09. Somewhen – 200V2
10. Resonant Pole – Power Of A Generation
11. Frank Müller vs Takkyu Ishino – Love Train (Original Mix)
12. Christian Gerlach – Acheron
13. AIROD – Strange Mind
14. Shadowax – I Want To Be A Stewardess
15. Djedotronic – Tunnel
16. Luke Slater – Body Freefall, Electronic Inform (Junior Cartier’s Highrise Mix)
17. B From E – Venga Tribute
18. Passarella Death Squad – In Heaven (Violet Remix)
19. Marshall Applewhite – Destroy The Silence
20. Mylene Farmer – Sans Contrefacon (Girl Remix)

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