I became a DJ because I couldn’t stop dancing to my dad’s Stevie Wonder records when I was just 5 years old, So when i turned 14 it seemed only logical to buy turntables after playing with friends at all sorts of parties. From then I am obsessed with mixing records, scratching and beat juggling.

I remember my very first DJ set because I was 15 yrs old and totally out of place entering a DJ contest with gabber DJ’s and house DJ’s on a Sunday where nobody showed up. It was a surreal situation when I look back on it haha.

As a DJ I prefer using USB for now because sometimes turntables at clubs can be not that reliable and CDJ’s give you different creative opportunities. I still love to play with vinyl from time to time and keep buying it for my collection.

A good DJ for me is someone who reads the crowd and plays with it, has a good sense of timing, Includes everyone that makes the party, can be surprising and is technically educated. It’s not only about the records you play but always about a combination of both good technical skills and quality selection.

Through my residency at De School in Amsterdam I have learned thatdancing in pitch black darkness is very liberating

This is what I’m doing when I’m not DJing: Hitting the studio, Having a good time with friends while enjoying nice dinners, running and chilling after weekends

Meine zwei Secret Weapons: 
Ancient Methods – „Guided By The Force Of Compassion“
Fever Ray – „When I Grow Up (We Grow Apart Vocal Version by Pär Grindvik)“

Stream: JP Enfant – Am Deck 38

01. Oliver Deutschmann – The Source
02. Louis Haiman – Getaway Drive
03. Christian Jay – Del’s Kicks
04. Conforce – Vessel
05. Viels – Circular
06. Artefakt – The Blue Hour
07. Drafted – Decent Into Mistery
08. Wata Igarashi – Spirits In The Rain
09. Juan Sanchez -LAB03.1
10. Ravechild – Trakt III
11. Roman Poncet – Epreuve
12. Peter van Hoesen – Coast to Coast
13. Mod 21 – Philadelphia Experiment (Marco Shuttle Kick Ass Remix)
14. Discrete Circuit  – Control Zero
15. Banke – Simenon
16. Shlømo – Grounded Queen (Donato Dozzy Remix)
17. 3KZ – Seamless
18. Don Williams – Dies Ater
19. Melatonin Man – My Head Is A Tornado
20. JP Enfant – Source Energy
21. Varg – I Think I’d Lie For You
22. Double Indemnity Diaologue (vocal)

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