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Yo! Sissy Music Festival pays homage to dance music’s queer roots, but pushes the envelope by offering a stylistically programme that ranges from Rap to Pop and contemporary Bass music derivatives. Similarly, Pascal Arbez-Nicolas draws on the Disco sound established within the New York’s queer community, but spices up his Vitalic productions and DJ sets with elements of Techno, French Touch and even the occasional Rock trope. His mix recorded in anticipation of Berlin’s Yo! Sissy Music Festival between July 28th and 29th, where he will be performing live, comprises some previously unreleased tunes.



What was the idea behind your mix in anticipation of the upcoming Yo! Sissy Music Festival?
I will play live at Yo! Sissy, so there isn’t any real link between this mix and what i will actually do. But the mix gives a good idea what I like to play when DJing, i.e. a mix between energy and melodies, together with a kinky twist.

As decidedly queer festival, Yo! Sissy also connects to dance music’s roots in the LGBTQ community. What do you expect from the festival on a musical as well as on a sociopolitical level?
On a musical level, I expect the festival to widen the scope of what queer music can be. I mean there is much more than Balearic House or Tech-House on the gay seen. On a sociopolitical level, I think Europe is a good place to live and Germany is particularly open. So we should enjoy that freedom and at the same time we should be concerned by those who cannot be themselves freely in other countries.

You’ve coined the term “Metal Disco”, or “Disco-Poilue” for your own productions. What does a modern approach to the Disco need to bring to the table in 2017?
A modern approach to disco nowadays is a about using what they did in the past and mix it with some kinds of music that appeared over the years. Technology also brought new tools than we can use to explore new fields. On my side, I flavour my disco with techno and some rock elements.

On your last album Voyager, released earlier this year, you’ve covered a Supertramp song. How did that come about?
Originally, I did that cover just for fun. I forgot about this song and one day I rediscovered it at a party and wanted to see what a Cosmic Disco remix would sound like. But while making the track listing of the album I thought it was a good song to finish and finally decided to include it.

Last but not least: What are your plans for the future, speaking as a producer?
I am not producing at the moment because i am touring a lot with my new show. But i would like to release and EP before next year, something more Techno maybe. I also just did a remix for a huge French band called Indochine.

Stream: Vitalic – Yo! Sissy Music Festival Mix

No tracklist available.

Groove presents: Yo! Sissy Music Festival 2017
July 28 to July 29 2017

Line-Up: Karim & Karam, Vitalic, Zebra Katz, Viva Ruiz, The Carry Nation, Jay Boogie, As//Is, Shambhu Leroux, Junks, Gaff.e, Islamiq Grrls, Cunningpants, Get Fucked, The Coca Butter Club, Jean Biche, Fox Pflueger, Maxi More, Bourgeoisie, Erin Amazia, Fizzy Fingers, Planningtorock, Chicks On Speed, Gurr, Mary Ocher feat. Your Government, Lotic, Alinka & Sean J. Wright, Tami T, Gnucci, Mikey, Ena Lind, Rebekah Ubuntu, Queens Against Borders, The House Of Presents, Faux Real, The Real Housewives Of Neukölln, Luz, Wicked Hag, Umilio & Stash Crew

Tickets: Tagesticket 28€, Festivalpass 50€

Festsaal Kreuzberg
Am Flutgraben 2
12435 Berlin

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