The works of Vhils (aka Alexandre Farto) originally made me curious and I wanted to know more about street art. He’s a plastic artist and well-known for his “faces” carved out on walls all around the globe working with a pneumatic hammer, spiking his art on house walls, thus leaving his mark on the world.

The first street art I saw personally and left me absolutely breathtaking actually was a work of Vhils, located in a building in Miragaia, in Porto. The piece combines natural and human elements, with the eye of the figure poetically contemplating the city and its old neighborhoods humanizing the built space while underlining the richness of its human patrimony.

Portrait of José Saramago, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature (Moscow, 2010)
Portrait of Jack Mundey, Australian environmental activist (Sydney, 2013)
Portrait of Sven Marquardt, bouncer at Berghain (Berlin,, 2011)

Every year I also stay equally impressed with the murals of Luio Onassis at the Neopop Festival. Onassis is one of the best plastic artists and is very creative, he can transform nearly everything in a piece of art. He’s also known as the creator of the abstract world “Zau” – a word that uses to describe the moments of inspiration. Luio uses walls and canvas, has already painted a Mini Cooper, some handmade shoes for the bran Nobrand, and also illustrated a few cover artworks for Loco Dice‘s label Desolat.

I admire his art and his admiration for electronic music immensely, he is known and admired by immense musicians and many of them have his art at home. I’ve had the great pleasure of having been talking to Luio several times, and I think he’ll always amaze me. Unfortunately, I never witnessed the creation of any urban art, but I think it would be incredible.

Mural by Luio Onassis for Neopop Festival (2011)
Wall painting by Luio Onassis (2013)
Live painted artwork during Boom Festival (2016)
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