Of course for those that have other sources of income besides a record label none of these factors may matter, but for us being dependent on the label as one of our primary sources of income it can challenge your ethics and motivations as an artist and label. As independent people and artists with long careers you would think that we would be financially successful, but with a family our choices are different. You must define success by your own markers in order to keep following your dream, your passion! There is value in knowing you own your own music, label and the ability to sell your records.

Stream: Jenifa Mayanja – Sound Dig Series Vol.3

The motivation to continue doing what you do as a business is to be able to pay bills, get out of debt so you can continue running. As human beings, it’s important to provide for our family and build a legacy for our children. As artists, we continue because that is who we are, we must create because we love what we do. Longevity in the music business without a hit is a reality many creative people are familiar with but with consistency, authenticity and gangster tactics it is possible to keep doing you. Till the next time. Blessings.

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