Depression and self-doubt can be an unfortunate side effect from being involved in something you put so much of yourself into but seemingly see meager returns. Rejection and being overlooked because of factors like „sex appeal“, PR machines, popularity contests, e.g. “top 100 DJs” etc. can be overwhelming!. Knowing deep down that you are making good records and not getting a fair look because of superficial factors that have nothing to do with music can be disheartening. You must figure out how to separate fact from fiction and stay true to yourself. Consistency is a hallmark of longevity. The strong in mind, body, and spirit can survive!

Stream: Underground Quality – Transition

The internet has taken over what radio used to do by brainwashing people into believing whatever was being played relentlessly was the only thing you needed. The internet has gone way beyond with likes, views that don’t reflect the truth about what is actually good or not. So you ask yourself how do I continue doing this?

Stream: Jenifa Mayanja – Orbit 02

Staying connected to the business side of music, music trends, being smart about the amount of records you press, learning how to make the most with what you have, for example, how much do you really need that extravagant artwork, special grams of vinyl – all these things which can dramatically increase the price of the record. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to when those kinds of add-ins will actually matter and have the intended effect.

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