Foto: Polina Vinogradova (Ena Cosovic)

Age: 27

Homebase: Copenhagen

First record I bought: Silent Phase – The Rewired Mixes

Last record I bought: Tales From The Dark Side Vol. 2

The reasons why I became a DJ: My first experience with DJ’ing and electronic music was at the age of 15. Curious and in desperate need of exploring the world outside of the suburb where I grew up I snuck out in the weekends and visited a techno club in Copenhagen. I got in on a fake ID and was mesmerized by the sound and atmosphere. Somehow it resonated with me – the music, the vibe and the collaboration between the dancers and the DJ. I fell in love and got the feeling, that this is what I want to do.

My idols: Anyone who is fearless in life.

I’m DJing with vinyl and USB.

Copenhagen is great because it’s my home, it’s rather small, beautiful and you can swim in the harbor!

Copenhagen annoys me because it sometimes feels too small.

My best DJ experience: 2 years ago I played outside of Malmö, Sweden, in a forest, at an illegal rave called Spazio In The Wild. It was a magical night where sound, decor, setting and people came together in a very special way. Humble to have it in my memory.

My worst DJ experiences: There have been many over the last 8 years. It is inevitable. And I also believe that these nerve-wrecking and awkward experiences form you as a DJ; on how you deal with emptying a dance floor, or getting the vibe completely wrong and completely right again. I truly believe that the bad experiences make you better.

My favorite club for DJing: Culture Box (Copenhagen). My current place of residency.

Always in my luggage when I’m on the road: Very off topic, but I have to be honest and say my lip balm. I have been addicted since I was 6, and a sure buzz killer is when I don’t have one on me. I simply cannot concentrate without.

When I’m not behind the decks, I work as a voice-over artist for radio and TV ads. Plus I study toward becoming a high school teacher and run a label together with my partner Joel Alter, called True Rotary Recordings, which we just started. Two of my secret weapons: To be unpredictable and always dance to my own set.



Why did you pick the tracks for the mix, did you have any specific concept in mind?
My initial thought was to do a mix that sounded like a part of the journey I am on when I DJ. I just wanted it to sound like me and tried not to think too much about it in a typical conceptual way. I am very much an “in the moment” kind of person and always found it quite stressful to record podcasts or mixes, but with this one I am super pleased. I have included some of my recently most played records and forthcoming tracks from my label True Rotary Recordings.

Where and how you have recorded the mix?
Since my neighbors aren’t that in love with sub bass, I recorded it at my home away from home at Culture Box using two cdj2000, two Technics SL-1210MK2 and a Xone92 mixer.


Stream: Ena CosovicAm Deck 29

01. Jor-El – Adrift (True Rotary Recordings)
02. Roberto Clementi – To Balance a Tide (Forthcoming on True Rotary Recordings)
03. Jor-El – Radical Dub (Forthcoming on True Rotary Recordings)
04. Diego Krause – Abyss (Constant Sound)
05. John Tejada & Tin Man – Swift Box (Acid Test)
06. Jor-El – BMF (Forthcoming on True Rotary Recordings)
07. Roman Lindau – Raumgestaltung (Fachwerk)
08. 2030 – In Aeternum (Luke Hess Remix) (Black Crow Recordings)
09. Ryan James Ford – Kirra Rengo (SHUT)
10. Trevino – Mosaic (Hotflush Recordings)
11. Len Faki & Regal – Abroas (Figure)
12. Fiedel – Back Door (Tallmen785 Remix) (Fiedeltwo)
13. Instra:mental – Forbidden (Apple Pips)

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