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Even if the name doesn’t sound familiar to you at first, there’s a good chance you’ve already been dancing to Akirahawks’ well-informed and energetic DJ sets all around Berlin. Having settled down in Germany’s capital some years ago, Akirahawks started playing mostly low-key parties which put more focus on the experience than the names on their line-ups. Having joined the (in-)famous Homopatik series as a resident DJ after its first party, the House Mannequin label founder is on now on board for Buttons, another monthly gay party in ://about:blank. Read our interview with Akirahawks and listen to his mix for our Groove podcast below.



Together with Shingo Suwa you run the label House Mannequin, which you have founded in 2009. What is the label’s concept?
We started the label a few years ago because we wanted to create our own house music.

Love Comedy is another production project by you and Suwa, described by you as a “jam session” sort of outfit. How exactly do you work together and why do you personally often opt for collaborations?
We used to do all those jam sessions at Shingo’s studio. We have been friends for a long time and the idea to make music together just seemed natural. I sometimes bring records to his studio, and we listen to some of them while having a cup of coffee! With all our ideas and lot of coffee we started the Love Comedy project.

Recently, you have also produced more solo material. Just last month, an edit of yours was featured on a mini-compilation by the Berlin-based Enzino’s label. Who is behind that label and how did the release come about?
We did this track together a couple of months ago but I can’t really give more info about this collaboration. Enzino has always got this part of mystery.

According to a recent interview with Stamp The Wax, you wanted to focus on putting out more music this year. What exactly can we expect in the next months?
This year, House Mannequin released the Indian H EP on Homopatik label. I have a few nice projects in the pipeline. I will give more details about them in the next months :)

You were a resident DJ at Berlin’s Homopatik parties in ://about:blank. Homopatik has moved on to Weyde and you are now involved in Buttons, which also takes place at ://about:blank. Can you tell us a little about the event series?
I have been playing at the Homopatik party for a few years. It was a really good experience and I had really good moments there. The next monthly event, Buttons, is a new party with some members of the old Homopatik crew. Several parties are planned at ://about:blank.

You have been DJing at a variety of regular gay clubs nights like Beitola, Cocktail d’Amore or at Berghain’s lab.oratory for years. How has the scene changed over the years in which you were active in it?
All the parties you mentioned have got their own character, aesthetic and history but they also all influence each others. Those parties keep a strong following cause of this quality.

Your mix for the Groove podcast is full of slow tunes and odd gems from all over the world. Did you have a specific idea in mind when you recorded it?
My first idea was to bring some slow erotic vibes in this mix.

Last but not least: Where can we see you behind the decks in the next weeks?
I had the chance to visit new countries this year. I played a few times in France and especially in Paris. Was fun to play at Weather Festival with Daniel Wang. I will be back in Paris at La Rotonde at the end of August. You can also can me at Buttons at ://about:blank this weekend!


Stream: AkirahawksGroove Podcast 65

Unfortunately, the download is currently only possible via Soundcloud with a registered account.

01. Coyote – House On The Rocks (Original Mix) (Music For Dreams)
02. Nick Mackrory Feat. Harry Collier – Lucky Charm (Forgotten Corner Dub) (Forgotten Corner Records)
03. Nick Mackrory Feat. Harry Collier – Lucky Charm (Original Vox) (Forgotten Corner Records)
04. KZA – Vous Dansez (Endless Flight)
05. Nicko & Disco B – Porn Sound (French Kiss)
06. Ilya Santana – The Day Before You Leave Me (Original Mix) (Santa Esperanza Records)
07. Bjorn Torske – Ode To A Duck (Ferox Records)
08. Khidja – Verschossen (Bahnsteig 23)
09. Jazxing – A Moze By (The Very Polish Cut-Outs)
10. Magnum – L’épée à la main (Profil de Face Records)
11. Jacob Gurevitsch – Lovers In Paris (Deluxe) (JMusic For Dreams)
12. Tai – Schlager Edit (33rpm) (Fleeting Wax)
13. Clive Stevens & Brainchild – Mystery Man (Remix) (Compost Records)
14. Hysteric – Desert Ilusion (Ostra Discos)
15. ML Booster – Wanna Go Party (Who Knows?)

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