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10 Figure SPC Essentials

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Foto: Presse (Jeroen Search)

Some things aren’t meant to last and Figure SPC certainly was one them. Which isn’t to say that the alphabetically organised 12″ series belonging to Len Faki’s Figure imprint had it coming – it just wasn’t intended to see more contributions than there are in the Roman alphabet. Since its inception in 2009, the series has seen releases by producer heavyweights like Heiko Laux, Markus Suckut, Philippe Petit, Rod and Johannes Heil, all of whom showcased their unique approach to floor-orientated Techno. Figure SPC doesn’t say farewell quietly, but ends things with a murderous double package by Dutch producer Jeroen Search, who also had inaugurated the series in 2009. Having contributed to numerous releases – including the very first one – throughout Figure SPC’s seven years, he now picks his essential tunes from the series. Listen to the new track “Tensile Force” from Jeroen Search’s SPC Z below.



1. Jeroen SearchEarth (SPC A)

This track mirrors my softer side, it’s full off emotions.



2. Dimi Angelis & Jeroen SearchCortex (SPC G)

Freaky sounds made together with my long-time friend and studio partner.



3. Heiko Laux & Steve RachmadThe Broken Cup (SPC H)

Spaced out music.



4. Jeroen Search & Markus Suckut Jsms 1.0 & 4.3 (SPC K)

Tension from the first kicks together with my mate Markus! My first experience of producing together with someone in both our own places, very fun to do.



5. Roberto BoscoSee The Light (SPC L)




6. Markus SuckutHunt (SPC M)

Dry beats, Markus at his best!


7. Jeroen SearchAll Tracks (SPC P)

This release had a major impact on my career, and the tracks are timeless no-nonsense techno, pure and from my heart. A studio recording which reflects the power and energy I always try to give on stage during my live sets.



8. Philippe PetitSolaris (SPC W)

Trippy stuff.



9. RodNo Belove (SPC X)

Quality from Mr. Rod!



10. UBX127Sprites (SPC Y)

Great tune, wicked stuff.



Stream: Jeroen SearchTensile Force

Jeroen Search - Figure SPC ZJeroen SearchSPC Z (Figure SPC)

01. Not Just For The Young
02. Metta
03. Upekkha
04. Tensile Force
05. Compressive Strength
06. Karuna
07. Fighting My Own Demons
08. Basic Language
09. Mudita

Format: 2×12″, digital
VÖ: 04 July 2016

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