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To say that “I Wanna Go Bang” was one of Techno’s biggest hits in the past five years would be an understatement. The DJ Deeon-sampling track, which references Arthur Russell’s composition for Dinosaur L of the same name, made Bjarki famous in an instance. However, the Icelandic Nina Kraviz protegé is far more than a thumping hit single. In mid June, Bjarki has released the first of three LPs comprising an impressive 41 tracks via Trip. But Bjarki hasn’t only done his homework when it comes to Ghetto House and Disco. His 10 favourites include Dubstep, Dub and early electronic music as well as a first glimpse of what we can expect to hear from Bjarki’s own label, Test bbbbbb.



1. Digital MystikzCountry Man

Released in 2004 on Rephlex records, the label run by Aphex Twin. This extraordinary compilation called Grime 2 was way ahead of its time. Country Man was written by Dean Harris (aka Coki – the lesser known half of Digital Mystikz). The release has a historical value and shows once again how Aphex is always ahead of the game by releasing these pioneers of UK bass music.



2. Raymond ScottThe Playful Drummer

Raymond Scott released three LPs in 1962 intended to lull infants to sleep with his music. This track is from the third LP in the series, The Playful Drummer. It’s meant to help 12-18 month old babies to fall asleep.



3. Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanThe Ray Makers

Psychedelic and trippy experimental music from 1957 by a Dutch composer. This sounds like nothing else. From the compilation Song Of The Second Moon by Tom Dissevelt together with Kid Baltan, real name Dick. Quite mythical harmonies by an early synthesizer on a pulsating rhythm. “The Ray Makers” is my favorite. I have no clue to whom I should recommend this, but I like it.



4. Joe Meek (The Blue Men)I Hear A New World

Recorded in 1959 by the English record producer Joe Meek who experimented a lot with sampling in Pop music as well as with overdubbing. Joe was without a doubt a remarkable producer. He was fascinated with the idea of communicating with the dead. He would set up tape machines in graveyards in an attempt to record voices from beyond the grave, in one instance capturing the meows of a cat he claimed was speaking in human tones, asking for help.



5. Metal FingersSaffron

MF Doom.



6. Nihilix Orphan Orchestra15 One Finger Ad-lib

I signed this band to my forthcoming label Test bbbbbb. If they are even a band, that bunch of nihilists. Heard that they are a crew of graffiti artists that live together and also make music. B-movie detective films. Great with cheese.



7. Glen Brown & King TubbyFather For The Living Dubwise (’77)

King Tubby brilliantly stripping up Glen Brown songs. The soundscape is very amusing. Top class Jamaican dub.



8. The ZodiacCosmic Sounds 1967

Recorded earlier than 1967, great combination of Psychedelia, World Music, and synthesizers, these musicians (Mark and Alex) were known for making many major hits. Here was something different following their non-commercial approach. The electronics are ahead of its time, some downright Ambient.



9. Leyland KirbyThe Caretaker’s An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

The first track always makes me feel good.



10. Else Marie PadeFaust (1962)

Else Marie Pade was a Danish composer who was the first person in Denmark to make music using electronics. Else, like many great female composers like for example Delia Derbyshire, broke new grounds with music. These women were so unique. Wish there would be more of those women left in the world. On September 13th 1944, Pade was arrested by the Gestapo. Through a prison window she saw a star flash and heard music coming from inside herself. The next morning, she scratched the tune into the cell wall with a buckle from her girdle. It was the song “You and I and the Stars”. She was sent to Frøslevlejren, where she began composing, and decided to train in music. Else passed away on January 18th 2016.


Bjarki - БBjarkiБ (Trip)

01. Marsian Raver
02. Opalocka Acid Groove 12 Bit Mix
03. Here It Comes Can You Feel It 92 Hoover 2
04. Planet Earth Q94 [Live Edit]
05. Son Of A Son
06. T4it 3
07. Travel In Space
08. Bbbbbbbbbbb render 2
09. As You Remember
10. Can A Man
11. It’s My Thing
12. The Lover That You Are
13. Midi 14-Aug-2

Format: 2LP, digital
VÖ: 17. Juni 2016

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