8 Favourite Edits

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Foto: Vito Fernicola

D’Julz has been in the game for longer than most of the people who dance to his sets have been in this world. However, the Paris native is still going strong. Before releasing an edit of Masters C&J feat. Liz Torres’ “Don’t Let Love Pass You By” through his own Bass Culture Recordings on March 4th (already available exclusively through Beatport), D’Julz has put together a list of his 8 favourite edits, among them a few obscure gems.



1. First ChoiceLet No Man Put Asunder (Asunder Edit)

I’ve heard the story that Derrick May used to drive from Detroit to Chicago to go listen to Ron Hardy. The original version and Ron’s edit was an anthem at the legendary Muzik Box. I’m not sure who is behind this edit (G.O.D., some say it’s Derrick May’s). He sure did play the hell of it and It definitely sounds like a piece of history .



2. Lil’ LouisWhy’d U Fall (Literon Edit)

This edit or unofficial remix of Lil Louis’ “Why’d U Fall”  has been in my bag for more than 15 years. It’s one hell of a Techno rework by the mighty Dutch producer Literon aka Gerd. Even Lil’ Louis himself plays it, that says it all.




3. James BrownJimmy Go Boom Edit

I grew up listening to Soul and Funk so needless to say James Brown was a huge influence. Somehow I don’t have that many edits of his music that would fit in my sets. However this one works so well that it often finds its way back into my crates. I have no idea who is behind it but he sure did a good job.



4. D’JulzDa Madness (The Martinez Brothers Edit)

Originally an edit the Martinez Brothers did putting the beats and the vocals by Phil Weeks on top of my track. This mash up did so much damage on the DC-10 terrace that it made total sense to officially release it on my label and I’m glad the Martinez Brothers were also into the idea.



5. Cultural VibeMa Foom Bey Edit

This old bootleg has two amazing edits of an New York early 90s classics on it. The “Ma Foom Bey” one with a new massive bass added is in my opinion even better than the original. The other edit, an almost identical version of the Nu Groove rave anthem “Searchin”, is also dope. 



6. Ricardo VillalobosHansup (Barac Edit)

I feel very lucky to be one of the few to have this amazing version of Ricardo Villalobos’ “Hansup” made by Barac. He really took it to another level adding a super oldskool breakbeat and teasing around with the original vocal before arriving into an epic melodic breakdown. I remember the first time I heard it at Fabric, it really blew me away. Proper Romanian magic.



7. Farley ‘Jackmaster’ FunkThe Acid Life (Swag Edit)

Subtle but effective edit of one of my all time favorite acid tunes produced by Farley Jackmaster Funk on Square Roots. This now-defunct Parisian label was known for re releasing rare gems way before it was the trend. I also did a remix of Steve Poindexter’s “Comptuter Madness” on it. Here, Swag just made it slightly DJ-friendlier but re-mastered it so well that it sounds a hundred times better than the original pressing.



8. Master C&J feat. Liz TorresDon’t Let Love Pass You By (D’Julz edit)

In the last 10 years I have done lots of edits. I usually keep them for myself or share them with close DJ friends. In this particular case, I had so many people asking me for it that I thought it was worth trying to officially re-release it. It was a long process but I’m glad it finally worked out.

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