Mr. Ties interviewed by Daniel Wang

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Foto: Byron Reza Afshar

If you are interested in Berlin’s vivid club scene and don’t start to squeal when Homopatik is being mentioned, perhaps you are not that interested in it, after all. Founded by Mr. Ties (who stepped up to the decks for the second installment of our Am Deck series in 2012), the party series regularly turns ://about-blank into the hottest place imaginable – both literally and figuratively speaking. Having already interviewed Discodromo for our 156th issue, Daniel Wang caught up with Mr. Ties (real name Francesco de Nittis) in June this year to talk about his past, his present and of course Homopatik which will return tonight with a special manga-themed event. Read up, get dressed up and unleash your inner otaku (or hentai, whatever floats your boat)!


Tell us about Homopatik. Why did you start doing it?  What’s so special about it?
It’s the shittitest party in town! You should never go there! (laughing) Please, there are so many other parties in town, like Berghain, Cocktail d’Amore… Although I would suggest Cocktail, because those are my loved ones. But Homopatik – is shit! (more laughter)

Where were you in Italy, and what were you doing before you came to Berlin and became a DJ?
I was working as a clothing store clerk, for Replay, which was before I turned 18 and graduated from school, because I had no money. I was partying and working all the time. I come from Rome, and during that period I heard many experienced DJs like Marco Trani, Nino Scarico, Claudio Coccoluto there, around 1998-99. It was incredible to watch them beat match and mix music, they were on a higher level.

How did you come to Berlin, and why did you stay?
My sister is an architect, so I grew up with all these newspaper articles about the building-up of the new Berlin. When I left Italy, Berlin was still underrated and not hyped like it is now. There were less people here!

We have heard that you are very demanding about equipment and acoustics. Are you a diva about sound? What is important in a club or sound situation?
For sure I am a diva! (laughter) Because the promoters need to understand that they should give people a proper sound system and a real dancefloor with proper acoustics so that everyone can feel happy! People don’t need expensive lights and a 3000 Euro surcharge for other entertainment, like a circus. If people wanted a circus, they could go see that instead. But I want to dance, so I defend that not only for myself, but for all my colleagues.

Before you were playing House and Disco and Electronic Music, what did you listen to in your youth or childhood? What kind of music gave you pleasure?
I think it all started with my sister coming back from London. That was 1991? 92? She came back with one single and one CD. Disintegration by The Cure, and the Jar of Flies album by Alice in Chains. Without knowing anything about music, I also really liked this early Grunge music, so at 6 years old I was listening to Soundgarden, whatever…

You seem to move around a lot. There was a rumor that you’ve been living in Istanbul?
I still have a place in Berlin, but I’ve sort of moved back to the South of Italy, because after ten years of Berlin weather, I really need the sun and the sea of my country again. The Italian economy is down, but I work abroad, so that doesn’t bother me so much. But the environment there is so beautiful, I want to build a studio there to just make and listen to music all the time.


Line-Up: Go there and you’ll find out
December 18th 2015

Markgrafendamm 24c / S-Bhf Ostkreuz
10245 Berlin

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