Monya – Punk For President

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Monya has quickly made a name for herself as a DJ and producer with several EPs and an album under her belt. Her approach to Techno is leaning heavily towards Industrial, which makes her music seem both claustrophobic and massive at once. After founding her own imprint Corresponding Positions last year, the Berlin-based Pole now returns with the new EP Punk For President, which apart from the feverish title track also includes remixes by Annie Hall, Rebekah and Electric Indigo. You can listen to the it below our interview with Monya.


What does the title of the EP mean to you?
I’ve been inspired by the existing situation in my homeland, where a rather unexpected event took place. In the last elections, Punk (Pawel Kukiz, a well established Polish Punk Rock musician) was running for president. Therefore it stands for alternative and not only in politics, but all aspects of life, music for instance as well.

Punk For President will be released on your own label Corresponding Positions. Why did you found the label and what are your goals with it?
Obviously, there are many areas corresponding together on many levels. Corresponding Positions is a music platform I created not only for myself but also friends and artists with equivalent passion to music though presenting not exactly the same styles. Hence my choice.

Your EP is supposed to be a tribute to the network female:pressure. What exactly do you mean with that?
As previously mentioned, the title stands also for the alternative. Although we have so many amazing female producers around, electronic music industry is still pretty much male-dominated. I’m with female:pressure myself and see basically every day how much work is put into our recognition at the scene. My tribute therefore is self-evident.

In fact, with Annie Hall, Rebekah and Electric Indigo you have recruited three women to remix the title track. Is that meant to be a political statement?
It most definitely is. I recently had an honour to play at Perspectives Festival and to further support female presence at the scene, so releasing an EP like this was an obvious act for me.

What then were the musical factors most important to you when putting the record together?
My choice refers to my friendship with the three of them and to how I equally love and respect these artists. It only made sense to invite them on board.



MonyaPunk For President (Corresponding Positions)

1. Punk For President                            
2. Punk For President (Annie Hall Remix)
3. Punk For President (Rebekah Remix)
4. Punk For President (Electric Indigo Remix)

Format: 12″
VÖ: 09. Dezember 2015


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