MAYA JANE COLES Groove Podcast 29

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Ever since we featured Maya Jane Coles on the cover of our magazine two years ago, we were hoping for a chance to include her in our podcast series. The chance finally arrived in the form of a mix Maya recorded in support of her recent Fabric 75 CD. We talked to Maya about the mix (which you will find below), her Fabric release and her future projects.


Maya, you recorded this podcast to support the release of your Fabric 75 CD. How did you approach the recording of the mix?

I actually recorded the mix a couple of days after my last Fabric gig so I had the vibe of the night still in me. It was a one-take mix on CDJs in my home studio.

What was your idea for the Fabric release itself? Did you have a certain concept for it?

My style of DJing varies a lot depending on where I’m playing, so for me it was important for the compilation and support mixes to really reflect the kind of set I would play at Fabric. I have so many early memories at the club from when I first started partying and exploring electronic music. So now that the tables have turned and I’m on the other side of it, there is always a certain kind of mood I want to try and set when playing there. I guess now hopefully I’m recreating that feeling I first had at the club for others. I’ve always approached House and Techno with quite a broad and eclectic perspective, so I hope that as well as appealing to people who are already fans of the genre my mixes can also be a friendly introduction to people that weren’t necessarily always into dance music.

What are the next projects you are looking forward to in the coming weeks and months?

Mainly I’ve been focusing on my productions. I’ve just about finished an album under my Nocturnal Sunshine alias which I’m hoping to release this Summer and also currently am about half way through my second artist album. I’ve also been working on a few interesting collaborations and guest productions for other artists which are very different from anything else I’ve previously done.


Maya Jane Cole‘s mix CD Fabric 75 is available now through Fabric.



Download (MP3, 320 kBit/s, 37:22 Min., 85,7 MB)

01. Citizen – U Don’t Know
02. Fosky, Sable Sheep – Barricades of Nowhere
03. Man Without A Clue – When I Play This Record (Original Mix)
04. Jay Tripwire – Loveage (Negru Remix)
05. RUFUS – Desert Night (Jesse Rose Remix)
06. Ross Evans – Caliente
07. Grey People – DCGWIO
08. FJAAK – Po Folk (Hate Version)
09. Big Dope P – So High (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

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