In a recent press release the author compared the sound of Peter Van Hoesen‘s Time To Express label to a “black-and-white painting of [German contemporary artist] Gerhard Richter“. The comparison may seem a little bit far-fetched, but it makes sense, as both – the music released on Time To Express and Richter’s paintings – are often dark, bold and industrial. There will be a bit more colour added to the mix this Friday though, when Van Hoesen, Donato Dozzy and Samuli Kemppi step up to the decks at Berlin’s Panorama Bar for their Time To Express label night. All three djs have promised to deviate from their usual deep techno routine and to adapt their sets to the occasion. (Which means: There will be house!) The line-up of the night will be completed by a rare live p.a. of Manchester’s dubtechno purveyors Pendle Coven (a.k.a. Miles Whittaker und Gary Howell).

Samuli Kemppi, the finnish representative of Time To Express, has kindly offered us an exclusive mix to promote the night. It’s called B l a s t s  F r o m  T h e  P a s t and contains some of Kemppi’s favourite vintage techno tunes. Some of the latter are very likely to surface in his set on Friday, but as Kemppi puts it, he will be mostly playing “contemporary techno, house, acid and disco”. We’re quite intrigued already.


DJ-Mix: Samuli Kemppi – Blasts From The Past
Download (MP3, VBR, 53:00 Min., 105 MB)

  1. CybotronTechno City (Fantasy Records, 1984)
  2. Bam BamWhere’s Your Child (Desire Records, 1988)
  3. Stealth Boys100% of DX-ing You (Stealth, 1991)
  4. TekonivelDisko Pepe (Tension Records, 1999)
  5. Fred 2Mono Flight (Missile Records, 1994)
  6. PiiriSpiraalit (Sähkö Recordings, 1993)
  7. MardukSpace Cake (Sonic Groove, 1997)
  8. ThrobGrasshopper (Primate Recordings, 1996)
  9. SW37Untitled (Synewave, 1998)
  10. Planetary Assault SystemsForms (Peacefrog, 1994)
  11. Steve StollOne To Nothing (Novamute, 1998)
  12. Neil LandstrummBoost Controller (Peacefrog, 1996)
  13. SlamDark Forces (Kenny Larkin mix) (Soma, 1996)
  14. Ecstasy ClubJesus Loves The Acid (Swordfish, 1988)
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