Cooly G – Groove Podcast 338

Cooly G's Groove mix sees the versatile producer embrace the amapiano style that had also influenced last year's "Save Me" EP on Hyperdub.

DJ Lycox – Groove Podcast 337

It's a groove thang: the Príncipe-affiliated producer DJ Lycox delivers a mix featuring his own productions as well as many new tracks by his Tia Maria Produções crew.

Young Majli – Groove Podcast 336

Seasoned radio host and club DJ Young Majli presents a mix full of unreleased tunes from Polish bass producers. Hot tip!

meg10 (Hoe__mies) – Groove Resident Podcast 29

Hoe__mies feiert Ende Mai im OXI Geburstag. Vorher gibt es einen Mix von meg10, der ihre vielseitigen musikalischen Interessen in sich vereint.
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Neux – Groove Podcast 335

Georgian DJ Neux has recently relocated to Berlin. Fittingly, her multi-faceted Groove mix is marked by a sense of new beginnings.

Matt Benyayer [Dark Sky] – Groove Podcast 334

Dark Sky's Matt Benyayer delivers a densely-packed mix that includes two cuts from his new solo project, Benyayer.

Rosa Anschütz – Groove Podcast 333

Demnächst veröffentlicht Rosa Anschütz ihr zweites Album "Goldener Strom" bei BPitch Berlin. In ihrem Groove-Mix ist alles erlaubt.

Groove Podcast 332 – Krisztián Puskár Splatter

The Budapest-based journalist, event organiser and "anti-DJ" Krisztián Puskár a.k.a. Splatter's mix is as tumultuous as the situation under which it was recorded.
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Olivia (Jasna 1) – Groove Resident Podcast 28

Olivia represents Warsaw's Jasna 1 with a rough-edged electro set that showcases the DJ and prolific producer's faster side.

Hassan Abou Alam – Groove Podcast 331

Hassan Abou Alam's Groove mix is a veritable treasure chest of bass-heavy sounds and includes some cuts from his latest EP on Banoffee Pies.

Marie Montexier – Groove Podcast 330

Die Paryìa-Gründerin Marie Montexier ist für vielseitige Sets bekannt. Ihr Groove-Mix ist eine Hommage an ihr früheres Selbst.

Cleveland – Groove Podcast 329

Kalahari Oyster Cult regular and SUZI founder Cleveland's Groove mix starts of slowly before evolving into a trippy journey towards the dancefloor.
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Das Patriarchat hat Gästeliste: Podcast über Sexismus in der Clubszene

Lea Schröders umfangreiche, gemeinsam mit Judith van Waterkant entwickelte Analyse zum Sexismus im Nachtleben ist nun auch als Podcast zu hören.

Stachy.DJ (Liquid Sound Club) – Groove Resident Podcast 27

Seit einem Jahrzehnt hostet Stachy.DJ in einer Therme den Liquid Sound Club. Sein dreistündiger Resident-Mix nimmt euch unter Wasser mit.

Coco Cobra – Groove Podcast 328

Die soft-spot-Mitbegründerin und Weltspiele-Resident Coco Cobra verwebt in ihrem Groove-Mix radikal unterschiedliches Material.

Hammer – Groove Podcast 327

Both dark and uplifting, Hammer's mix for Groove sheds a light on the different sounds of his two new labels, Remmah and Italo HIITS.
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Ece Özel – Groove Podcast 326

Müstesna co-founder and arkaoda resident Ece Özel delivers an exhilarating mix that moves effortlessly between different eras and genres.

Der Schmeisser (Graf Karl) – Groove Resident Podcast 26

Der Schmeisser ist ein Urgestein der Kasseler Szene. Im Resident Podcast vertritt er den blutjungen Club Graf Karl.