Ludwig A.F. – Groove Podcast 366

Frankfurt-based Ludwig A.F. is working steadily on his proper debut LP. Also as a DJ he likes to keep things fresh as his Groove mix proves.

LUZ1E – Groove Podcast 365

Prolific producer and genre-agnostic DJ LUZ1E wants to take you on a "deep, cute, meditative trip" with her Groove mix.

Diamin – Groove Podcast 364

Tecnologías Elementales co-founder Diamin delivers a mix that serves as warm-up set for a club night that's going to be sweaty.

wyme (xeno-) – Groove Resident Podcast 36

Organiser and resident wyme steps up to the decks for a colourful mix to represent Bratislava's multi-faceted xeno- party series.
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Ruhail Qaisar – Groove Podcast 363

Care for some "music for the winter winds"? Ahead of the release of his debut album, Ruhail Qaisar's Groove mix offers that and more.

Naty Seres – Groove Podcast 362

Berghain and Refuge Worldwide resident and Never Not Now co-owner Naty Seres merges different musical worlds in her Groove mix.

Cincity – Groove Podcast 361

Having just released a new EP on Floyd Lavine's Afrikan Tales, Cincity delivers a Groove mix that is both eclectic and deep.

Levon Vincent – Groove Podcast 360

Levon Vincent's Groove mix is crammed with originals and comes with an extensive (like, very) interview with the Novel Sound boss.
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onquiet (Goethebunker) – Groove Resident Podcast 35

Der Happiness-Express-Mitbetreiber und Goethebunker-Resident onquiet vertritt die Essener Institution mit geballter positiver Energie.

Jenny Cara – Groove Podcast 359

Three decks, a rotary mixer and infinite possibilities: Studio Kali and eXchange co-founder Jenny Cara goes peak time.

VAAL – Groove Podcast 358

VAAL's Groove mix features music from the producer's sophomore album as well as a previously unreleased cut and a nod to Scottish powerhouse Mogwai.

Ciel – Groove Podcast 357

Parallel Minds co-owner Ciel brings together two of her passions—euphoric trance and percussive bass music—during her two-hour Groove mix.
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phrex (Kapitel Bollwerk) – Groove Resident Podcast 34

A member of Dubtopia, Midilux, or montsomnia as well as a prolific producer, phrex represents Bern's Kapitel Bollwerk on the Resident Podcast.

Molly – Groove Podcast 356

Hot on the heels of her extraordinary EP for Kilómetro 4.5, Molly's multi-faceted Groove mix features new material from the French producer.

Henning Baer – Groove Podcast 355

MANHIGH-Betreiber, Grounded Theory-Veranstalter und RSO-Booker Henning Baer liefert einen energiegeladenen Groove-Mix ab.

Antal – Groove Podcast 354

Antal celebrates Rush Hour's 25th birthday by putting together a Groove mix with recent and upcoming releases from the label.
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Jana Woodstock – Groove Podcast 353

The invasion of her home country has left its mark on the music that Ukrainian DJ and producer Jana Woodstock plays. Her Groove mix mirrors these changes.

Chino – Groove Podcast 352

We Are Radar member Chino takes an obscure early 1980s bagpipe song as a starting point for a rough oldschool mix touching upon industrial, EBM, and more.