Lucinee: GROOVE Podcast 423

How does melancholy sound? Lucinee interprets that feeling in her very own fleeing-forward kind of way, wrapping up a bundle of fast-paced tracks that, apart from inviting to a proper dance, leave room for the big emotions you only get on the dance floor.

Given the career of the Berlin native DJ and producer, this doesn’t come as a surprise: Having played renowned clubs and festivals in Germany and Europe, Lucinee has never shied away from spicing up traditional techno with heady but tasteful trance and prog influences. An infectious combination that’s won over ravers time and time again–like her mix for our podcast series will.

What did you have in mind when recording this mix?

I am currently feeling very melancholic, and this mood has likely influenced the mix. As so often, there is always a delicate touch of nostalgic trance involved, along with driving techno and many hypnotic layers and spherical sounds. I get very absorbed in it and enjoy swimming along this flow. Moreover, the mix makes you want to dance and lose yourself in the moment. It’s June, and today there was a warm thunderstorm with lots of rain drumming against the windows while I recorded the mix, and it smelled like summer.

Where did you record it and which setup did you use?

I recorded the mix in my apartment in Berlin. I played on 2 CDJs and drank herbal tea while mixing.

What’s the most memorable gig you played so far?

I find it difficult to pick just one, given the many memorable experiences and gigs throughout all the years. I especially thrive at festivals or clubs where the crowd is open-minded, and the sound and lighting are top-notch – my performances on the Turmbühne at Fusion Festival stand out in particular I would say.

Can you name a secret weapon that you use frequently?

Secret weapons remain secret.

Three recent releases that caught your attention?

Alpha Tracks – May [Self-released]
Lifka – SNCF [Self-released]
Lucinee – Pacemaker EP [Brvtalist S.R.]

What do you have coming up?

On June 21st, my Point Of No Return EP was released on BPitch, you can hear some of it in the mix as well. During the production process, I’ve infused elements reflecting both the uplifting and introspective, as well as moments of anger and darker emotions, engaging with themes of toxic masculinity. Additionally, I’m working on a remix for one of my favorite producers, which will be released at the end of August. I am also excited to announce my first tour in China in July.

Track listing:

Lindsey Herbert – Control
Under Black Helmet – ID
Lifka, Punktmidi – ID
Arelia – Decadance
Amine Kohb – Hydrogene
Vivez – Lost in the Mist
Omformer – Yengo 3AM
u.r.trax – xclusive nrg
Lucinee – Drift
Jörg Rodriguez – ID
Skodde – Malfunctioning Hyperdrive
Lucinee – Turn On
Alpha Tracks – June/01
Under Black Helmet – Cyberdreams
OT2 – O2matic

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