Cici – Groove Podcast 347

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Photo: DancersInCrime (Cici)

Many people from this scene would call Ibiza their spiritual, but only a few their literal home. Cici falls into both categories, having been living on and off the island for the past decade. With a residency at Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes and a string of events lined up at the legendary Circoloco, the Irish-born DJ is greatly contributing to the regional scene as well. Besides that and her OpenLab radio show, the Irish artist has also debuted as a producer recently with releases on Warehouse and Man Power’s Me Me Me recently and has even bigger plans for the future. In the meanwhile, Cici’s mix for our Groove podcast explores eerie atmospheres while switching things up stylistically.

You have cited Daft Punk’s Homework as the album that sparked your interest in dance music. Looking back on it, would you say it had a permanent influence on you as a DJ and producer as well?

I had discovered the album by accident when i was 11, i just really liked the cover of the CD with no idea what I was about to listen to. When i played it first it sounded so new to me that I definitely feel it had a lasting impact but I can’t say for certain it’s now one of the driving influences behind my music.

You started producing music in 2015 in the box, but have since started to use hardware as well. What does your current set-up look like?

At the moment most of my equipment is still in storage in the UK post-pandemic, and so currently I have a small set up in my room in Ibiza. I’ve just got an Ableton Push 2, which I’m really enjoying at the moment, and also the decks set-up to be able to record regularly.

Last year saw the release of your debut EP Extraneous, in May you’ve returned with another EP. How did CCMMMXXIX for Man Power’s Me Me Me label come together, and were there specific themes that informed it?

I had already had a remix released on Me Me Me which was for Colours In Waves alongside Roman Flügel before the EP had come about. I sent a bunch of tracks to Man Power and he selected the ones he liked and we went from there really, there wasn’t as much one central theme for the EP. The tracks are varied in style, but I feel they fit together as a collection. The great remixes from Zillas On Acid and Warehouse Preservation Society really tied it all up nicely.

You’re based in Ibiza where you hold a residency at Pikes’ Cosmic Pineapple event series and have some gigs at Circoloco confirmed for the season. Speaking as someone who has spent a considerable amount of time on the island in the past decade, what is your impression of this season so far, more than two years after the start of the pandemic?

Its really been amazing to see the whole island come back to life and all the clubs reopen. I think we all have an even greater appreciation for the island and all the fun and freedom it provides, especially after two summers where it was illegal to gather and dance!

You’ve been hosting the Curiosities radio show on OpenLab for almost two years now. How do you go about programming the individual episodes?

I listen to thousands of tracks every month and as I’m discovering new things that I like I will download the releases and categorise them into folders so that when it comes to putting it together, I already have an abundance of new music I’ve selected over the month for the show. It’s been a really interesting journey having an outlet where I can be so creatively free and show another side to my sound and for that I’m grateful.

What was the idea behind your mix for our Groove podcast?

The idea was to take a little trip through genre and tempo but keep a slightly dark, eerie theme throughout.

Last but not least: What are your plans for the future?

So many plans! I would like to write an album for sure, and one day possibly get into music for film. The list is really endless

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01. Extrawelt – Hail The Whale (The Coexisting mix)
02. Kenny Glasgow – Just Let Go
03. Esposito – Framing Void
04. BLACK RAVE CULTURE – Long Distance Dilemma (Practice Mix)
05. Robert James – 888
06. Rudoh – Van Turbo (Shedbug remix)
07. Ben Pest – The Team
08.Low End Activist -Circle Speak
09. Cryptobitch – Cryptobitch Theme
10. Mother Of Pearls – Peace On Halcyon
11. Ufaze – Hole (DJ Stingray Remix)
12. Neil Landstrumm – Dogfalls
13. Dogpatrol – Granular Memory Experience
14. Ufaze – Dereliction Zone

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