Kim Ann Foxman – Groove Podcast 306

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Photo: Lizzie Alexandra (Kim Ann Foxman)

“Dance, dance – while the record spins,” a voice implores us in the very first seconds of Kim Ann Foxman’s mix for our Groove podcast. While the pandemic is indeed far from over, in the DJ and producer’s home New York City and elsewhere, small windows of possibility and islands of safety are used for exactly that. It is, briefly speaking, a good time for Foxman to get busy again. Having just remixed Erasure, she’s currently preparing the release of her new EP Connection with remixes by Luca Lozano and Matisa on her own Firehouse label while also working on an LP together with Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey under the Pleasure Planet moniker on the trio’s Self:Timer imprint. While Foxman is cautious about the future of raving in face of the new COVID-19 variant, her mix guarantees safe home raving – and also comes with another cut, a new remix she did for Zombies In Miami.

Clubs in the US have been reopening and you already have played a slew of gigs. How has the experience been so far?

Its been so great to play again, especially while it felt so free for a bit when things were first starting to open up finally. The energy and excitement from people celebrating and feeling some freedom returning to the dance floor was really special, and emotional. No jaded feelings, so much love on the dance floor. Now with the variant affecting a lot of vaccinated people, we all need to still be cautious as we are not totally in the clear.

It’s almost twenty years now since you moved to New York City from San Francisco and started DJing in earnest. How has the local scene developed in that timespan, and what impact would you say did the pandemic have on the community?

The local underground scene has developed so much since I’ve moved here. It honestly took a very long time for it to grow. It took a long time to have good clubs with good sound, and a good crowd to fill them. Then it kinda exploded at one point and has only gotten better and better. These days, clubs are totally selling out, And there are so many choices to choose from. We have come a long way!

Your new EP Connection is set to drop soon. Aesthetically, the two tracks pick up on classic rave music. What inspired them?

Classic rave jams of course! Also the idea of making contact and interacting with aliens, entities, and all things of this nature, psychedelics and supernatural things.

You have enlisted Luca Lozano and Matisa for remixes. What’s your relationship with them like, how did you end up choosing them as remixers?

Luca Lozano is an amazing producer and I love his aesthetic so much. I think he’s a really good artist, and I’m a fan of his label, Klasse Wrecks. Matisa is someone I really love that’s getting out there a lot now with some really great music that speaks for itself. I did a remix for her track “I Need A Bit Of Poetry” on Biologic Records, so we became friends. I really dig her vibe! And I play her jams out all the time, so it seemed a natural fit. I’m really happy with both remixes on the release.

Connection is released on Firehouse, your own label that has been mostly inactive since 2018. What made you reanimate it for this specific release?

You know, I just felt like it was time. And this release felt like the perfect reason! No more than that really. Excited to light the fire again.

You’re also involved in Self:Timer, a label that you run together with Andrew Potter. What’s the concept behind that imprint?

Andrew and I share a big music bond as well as a beautiful friendship. We collaborate on a project called Pleasure Planet together with our good friend Brian Hersey. Its a project that is so special to me. We started the imprint together to release Pleasure Planet and music we love. Its like our little planet that we share!

In June, you released a remix of Erasure’s new song “Secrets.” How did that come about and how did you approach this “Heaven Mix?”

When I heard that I was asked to remix Erasure, and be a part of their The Neon: Remixed album, I could not believe it! What legends! I was super shocked and honored to have such an opportunity. Working with the stems was super exciting. I wanted to make sure to do a good job embracing Andy’s vocals and I wanted to create a world for that which I could play it in the middle of one of my DJ sets. First I took all my most favorite vocal parts, then I built a new bassline with a Roland SH-101, and it’s amazing how quickly the rest came together. I was locked into a groove super fast, it made me wanna close my eyes, and the emotion I felt through vocals were really taking me to another place. So I built new elements and used all my favorite original parts that worked well for my vision. And I feel so happy with the way it turned out.

What was the idea behind your mix for our Groove podcast?

It’s a mix of new and old tracks that I love, and it also includes “Magic Magic” off my latest solo EP as well as my remix for Erasure “Secrets” and a new one I did for Zombies In Miami, “When Your Time Has Gone”

Last but not least: What are your plans for the future?

Try to stay safe and healthy, and make lots of music. I’m currently working on a Pleasure Planet LP, which will be done this year for sure. We are super close! Very excited for it! Stay tuned!

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