Ron Wilson – Groove Podcast 205

Ron Wilson – Groove Podcast 205

Photo: Private (Ron Wilson)

It’s people like Ron Wilson who form the backbone of this entire scene. Not only a DJ and producer in his own right, the Berlin-based Wilson was behind the infamous Tanzmichmal parties and started his own label 777 Recordings in 2013 before founding the vinyl-only Wrong Hands Distribution, working with underground institutions like Noorden. His contribution to our Groove podcast touches upon the rough and dusty sound aesthetics of the imprint he runs, but takes some turbulent turns, all while maintaining a high energy level.



Having been active for a DJ for over a decade, you only recently started releasing your own productions and remixes. Which role does making music play in your life?
Making music has been always something I did in my own four walls since my teenage years, a great way to spend time and forget the world around me. With the development of my work as a DJ or my label I actually started ot share some of my work and made a couple of remixes, but the music I do is just for myself, my own therapy so to speak. Now with the career and making a living of this, making music as it has become part to keep my gigs going and exactly that kind of pressure just blocks me unfortunately. Also since fatherhood I haven’t had much of the chance lately to produce but I hope to get back on track very soon!

You primarily take care of your label 777 Recordings. Apart from a few successful solo EPs by Orson Wells and Futers amongst others you focus on compilations. Why’s that?
I have this thing with numbers. Basically, every seventh release is a compilation and every tenth release will be a remix EP. In between, there are artist EPs or split EPs with two artists. I like to work with a certain structure and compilations allow me to showcase a broader spectrum of sound, bring artists together and also release single tracks i come across. The next remix EP (External Affairs/777_20) for example will feature XDB, rRyoxymore, Christopher Rau and Luz1e. The next compilation will be a 3×12” extravaganza, as it is catalogue number 777_21 (21 = 7+7+7+)!

777 records are easily recognisable thanks to their graffiti-inspired artworks by Core which are being produced as lavish silk-screened covers. Where does the interest in this specific aesthetics stem from – and why make all that effort?
It came very naturally to print the covers and I just had this idea of using graffiti as I am a lover of the arts. My friend Core just does amazing work and understands the non-serious aesthetics I want, so it became this “red line” after release number two to keep it black and white with different writing styles along each release. Printing with silk-screen by myself is a way to add even more feeling to the music, it all gives a more personal touch and just looks really good!

Aside from that, you also run Wrong Hands, a small vinyl-only distribution service. How did it come about that you started Wrong Hands?
I self-distributed my label since the beginning and over time I had my infrastructure and accumulated contacts. At some point friends who wanted to start a label or even friends who were unhappy with their distributors came to me asking if I could help out, so it just happened that I suddenly ran a distribution of my own. It is no science really, but it is a pretty hard job to sell records these days, as the market is completely over-saturated and digital is strong as ever. Let’s see where it goes…

At the end of December last year, the event series Tanzmichmal – initiated by you and a few others – celebrated its ten year anniversary with a final party. Why did you discontinue the project?
Tanzmichmal were the first parties i threw with some friends and over time I took over all responsibilities, but having started many other projects over the years it has just gotten to the point to let go… A ten year anniversary celebration was a great way to do so.

What was the idea behind your contribution to our Groove podcast?
I haven’t done one in a while so in the end I recorded something that takes more darker turns at a tough time in my life, making it valuable to me and personal to share instead of a normal clubmix or conceptual storytelling.

Last but not least: Where can we see you behind the decks in the next weeks and what are your plans as a producer and label owner?
You can catch me in Berlin on May 11th at Tresor where I have my residency. Before that I am at villaWuller in Trier on April 30th and on May 4th I have the privilige to play at Trippy in Seoul, South-Korea. As I mentioned I don’t get much time to work on new music as I have a family now but my plans for now will stay the same: release music through 777 – lots to come! -, distribute this and that and play here and there.

Stream: Ron Wilson – Groove Podcast 205

01. Mazewski – Shallow Orkiestra (Brutaz)
02. Andria – Shandumer (Kamagara Tool by Odopt) (Upcoming 777)
03. The Cyclist – Inhale Exhale (Bruce Remix) (Hypercolour)
04. Buzz Kill – When the Smoke clears (Dionysian Mysteries)
05. Lectromagnetique & Igors Vorobjovs – Qubit (Blind Allies)
06. Thanos Hana – Metro Malle (Tar Hallow)
07. Kuno – Uppercut (Upcoming 777)
08. Semita Serpens – To react without Fear (New York Haunted)
09. The Pulse Project – Soon to be (Patron)
10. Citizen Kane – Under the Skin (Medical Records)
11. Cobert – Twisted Metal (3n0 Records)
12. Shadowax – A&B (Buttechno Remix) (Rassvet Records)
13. Future DZ – Worst Drum Solo Ever (Tram Planet Records)
14. Glyn – Untitled (Upcoming 777)
15. Dialectic Sines – Deuterium (Tram Planet Records)
16. Philipp Otterbach – The Weak Song (Knekelhuis)