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Sara Svanholm has big plans, and not only her. The Copenhagen-based member of the now-defunct Apeiron Crew, who has made a name for herself under the Mama Snake moniker and co-ran the Ecotherm label, has recently teamed up with several people from various fields of the creative industry to launch Amniote Editions. Less of a conventional record label and more of a creative platform, Amniote Editions is “trying to build something where the focus is on the talent, content and music rather than likes, press photos and algorithms,” explains Svanholm via e-mail. “I find the most parts of the electronic music industry to be quite broken these days because of the hunt for instant gratification, so I have focused my energy on working in other fields instead of fighting a futile battle. I’d rather at least try and do things a bit differently.” This includes a move away from social media and so-called “capsule releases,” from which the project takes its name. Mama Snake’s contribution to our Groove podcast features a variety of tracks forthcoming on Amniote Editions in this until now unspecified format as well as new material by Apeiron Crew colleague Solid Blake – and a surprise hidden track.

Stream: Mama Snake – Groove Podcast 182

01. HoxA-5: Sisilisko – It All Starts To Blur (Forthcoming Amniote Editions)
02. Horoscope presenta Carne – Besa El Anillo Con Todo Tu Alma (Wharf Cat Records)
03. Soho Rezanejad – Love’s A Raging Prey (Unreleased)
04. Adel Akram – While She Sleeps (Dedicated To Ana) (When Are We Now?)
05. Cores – Millenium (Noom)
06. Bas Mooy – Fight The Power (Wavemother Remix) (Planet Rhythm)
07. CVesth – Sweeper (Repetitive Underground)
08. HoxA-8: Mehen – Avalanches of Compromise (Forthcoming Amniote Editions)
09. Setaoc Mass – Seethrough (SK Eleven)
10. HoxD-13: Sidewinder – Diagonal Barstool Plank (Forthcoming Amniote Editions)
11. Slope Unit – Loathing (Unreleased)
12. Solid Blake – Warp Room (Forthcoming Seilscheibenpfeiler)
13. Tred – No Future, No Past (Outro Mix) (E-Missions)
14. Brainchild – Symmetry (Lange Breakbeat Mix) (Multiply)
15. HoxA-8: Mehen – Skin Confessions (Intellectual Mix) (Forthcoming Amniote Editions)

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