Bespoke work requires patience, to think outside the box, find solutions, and make opposites attract. At that level a client wants originality and money is no object. Anything was possible, I was always pushing boundaries and questioning what was acceptable. Fuck practicality if it looks good! My only limitation was gravity.

With music I can break those walls down further, finding new extremes. The one and only restriction I feel towards creativity is my own imagination. I take huge satisfaction in doing a full day of manual labour and bearing the physical scars to prove it. I loved the design and creativity of joinery, working with a natural resource, but it wasn’t how I perceived myself. It didn’t represent the person I am, because ultimately I was always trying to please someone else.

I would spend every working minute focussed on music, not work, and it grew bigger with each passing day. Consequently I made myself unemployed and moved to Berlin to focus directly on my art. The feeling was that great, that struggling to survive, pay rent, and eat food, all seemed insignificant in comparison to creating music. It was a sacrifice I had to make.

I still have a compulsion to design and create using various materials, it isn’t exclusive to wood. However, I do like to utilize its own expressive individuality and pair it with personal artwork. I find inspiration from working with exotic woods and veneers, they are pieces of art on their own merit, giving impetus to stretch my imagination further.