It seems to me that the personal quality control has gone out the window in 2017. Modern Techno producers seem to be so overwhelmed by the fact that they have combined a kickdrum and a hi-hat, that they can’t contain themselves.

They must be convinced that the world needs to hear their amazing beat/white noise combination, since all digital music outlets are flooded with the same sound. I am drowning in depressingly boring music. I am missing the self expression. I am missing the art in Techno. I believe a lot of this music stems from the need for perfect DJ sets. With the invention of Traktor and the much discussed “synch” option, there seems to have come a standard for the modern DJ set.

The norm seems to be 2-5 hours of tracks that sound exactly the same. There is no room for musicality and experimenting in the formula for the modern DJ set. You are not allowed to play something different, or the Techno police will punish you. I have overheard conversations about whether a hi-hat was too commercial, and it just seems ludicrous too me.

I say fuck it. Let’s make more crazy music. Let’s bring back self expression in our scene, and embrace the imperfect but perfect DJ sets. I implore producers to experiment more. Spend more time on your music, and try actively not to sound like everyone else. Why would anyone buy, or play your music, if its a copy of a copy of a copy? Whatever you do, invest yourself and your emotions in your art. I assure you, your effort will be rewarded.

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