Photo: Lighuen Desanto (Music On)

From an outsider’s perspective, life on Ibiza seems pretty peachy. But careful planning and, most of all, programming are the two cornerstones of every successful party. “People know what they are about to get when they go to Music On,” said Joey Daniel about Marco Carola’s brainchild which is currently celebrating its longest season at the island’s infamous Amnesia yet. But, the Dutch DJ insists, the musical diversity is what makes Carola’s brand one of the strongest on Ibiza. Music On finds unity in diversity. This Friday, Daniel returns to Amnesia where he will play along Music On regulars Paco Osuna and Leon on the club’s Terrace, while Carola himself and House legend Felix da Housecat will take over the decks of the Club Room.

Music On Ibiza
August 25, 2017

Line-up: Marco Carola, Felix da Housecat, Paco Osuna, Leon, Joey Daniel

Carretera Ibiza a San Antonio
07816 Ibiza

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