Despite the fact that I love to live in a big city like Berlin, I can’t escape the feeling of missing isolation. With about 50+ events a week and mostly a handful that suit my interest, it’s very easy to get distracted and lose focus. Where as in a small city, with not much going on, I tended to be more free in my mind. It’s exactly there where you can still dream of how a track you just made would sound on the impressive sound systems in the bigger cities. Or fantasize about the reaction of the crowd towards a nice mix between two records.

Ok, it must have been the endless flat fields. Time to stop the melancholy, it’s only an 8-hour train ride and a few times a year I go back to my family and friends. Mostly after 5 days, I’m bored out of my head and I can’t wait to go back to the metropole. Besides, isolation is trainable and distractions are a choice. It might take a while before I move back to my home-grounds, but that I’m going back one day, is very clear.

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