There are certain qualities hidden in nature that hard to express in words, both experienced through being, wandering and observing but also in the process of musical interaction in situ. This last year during mutual and solo gigs we had the unique chance to perform in a few natural surroundings outside of the urban environment. These moments synergy occurs during these performances between the sound projected and environment, it feels as if the ancient hypnotic powers that are deep in the earth are coming to the surface captivating ourselves and the crowd, forming a sort of otherworldly connection that reminds of the mythical rituals in tribal culture.

Stream: Artefakt – Natura (Unreleased)

We recently did an improvised live set in a spot based in a valley of the Macedonian mountain landscape just over the border with Thessaloniki. Here we experienced the forces of nature to full extent as the sun was rising while playing, illuminating this pass and radiating light into the set, providing a new energy and elevating the set, we kept jamming almost more hour than planned flowing on solar flares, oscillating into the field.

Majestic view that awaits at the top of the Rattlesnake Hiking Trail, Rattlensnake Mountain (North Bend, WA).
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