While crossing continents and countries for gigs we traverse a wide spectrum of different landscapes. Whenever we find some days to spend surrounding these journeys we try to find time to explore the local architecture and nature and broaden our perspective. Following passions in photography and phonography, Nick will always carry a camera with him as for where Robin is rigged up with a field recorder, accumulating to a layered memory of the nomadic efforts.

The Roaring waters of ‘Twin Peaks’ Snoqualmie Falls, between Snoqualmie and Fall City in Washington.

Recently we visited the national parks neighbouring Seattle, where we had a five-day stay in between two shows on our US tour. We took a break from making music to take two long hikes in the mountains. Chris Roman (aka 214) invited us to North Bend, a misty town in King County, Washington which was the main shooting location for David Lynch‘s masterpiece Twin Peaks. On the way there we stopped at the Snoqualmie Falls, a dramatic waterfall with the cinematic Real Great Nothern Hotel sitting on top. After that we took the Rattlesnake Hiking Trail up the Rattle Snake Hill, where incredible views were awaiting us on all sides of the hill, immersing in the infinite gaze overlooking valleys and peaks.

Stream: Artefakt – Seattle Mountain Pass Birds Field Recording

Everything you do, hear, feel, think or capture somehow feeds back into your music. These trips especially are inspirational as we try to look for places that fit the atmosphere of the music we love, and subsequently, make music that fits the atmosphere of the places we love. These visits also affect our work in a more direct way, in the form of photographs that are used for artwork or field recordings that are used as a layer in our tracks.

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