Most tracks of the album, and I would actually say the crucial ones, are very long (culminating with the epic almost 24-minutes long, “Rolling Stone”) and unfold over an ever-changing but at the same time very cohesive narrative based around hypnotic, slow building rhythms which themselves provide a basis for a very finely layered instrumentation that is very effectively used throughout the album. The result is that every track is like a movie with very distinctive moments and very subtle changes of mood obtained through a very fine, organic layering of the sounds that flawlessly float from dense orchestral polyphonies to almost vacuumed monophonic moments where only just one or two instruments (consisting quite often on Terje’s mind-blowing guitar) are present.

There are many reasons why I love this record so much. It embodies in the most possible perfect way my idea of music as journey. A lot of what I try to do as an artist relates to it, the cinematic narrative, the organic layering, the use of sound to design an imaginary space… I could go on forever but the best advice I could give you is to immerse yourselves into this wonderful listening experience.

Stream: Terje Rypdal – Midnite

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