Police also looked at Rudy Guede as a suspect. Guede had been arrested for breaking & entering previously and had also fled to Germany during the murder. Police found his bloodstained fingerprints on Kercher’s body. It turns out that it was only Rudy Guede actually broke into the house, sexually assaulted Meredith and then killed her. He told police, Knox was not involved, but Mignini still believed that she was.

Here is a breakdown of the events that followed:

  1. In December of 2009, Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito & Rudy Guede were convicted for participating in the murder of Meredith Kercher and sentenced to 26 & 25 years.
  2. In October 2011 when Amanda’’s and Raffaele’s appeal begins to re­examine the evidence, the court finds out that the DNA evidence was highly contaminated. This resulted in the appeals court to overturn the charges against Knox & Sollecito. They were both were declared innocent & released immediately after nearly 4 years of imprisonment.
  3. In January 2014, Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito were convicted again.
  4. On March 27, 2015, Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito were declared innocent by Italy’s Supreme Court which finally closed the case.

Video: Interview with both directors: Rod Blackhurst &a Brian McGinn.

I think filmmakers Blackhurst and McGinn did an excellent job managing to get the main people involved to discuss the events of this case on the documentary and getting every side of the story. You get to see the truth behind the case, all the lies & bullshit that were kept inside. The film also shows the humanity of the people who were involved in this case and what impact it had.

This documentary is an eye-opener as it shows the crucial mistakes in the handling of the crime scene & Knox falsely confessing to the murder which led to complete dysfunction in the case. Mignini didn’t have solid evidence, it was mostly made up theories. This could have happened to anyone being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s shocking, it’s scary, it made me angry and left me having no trust in the legal system, or the media. What I learned about this film was don’t be so quick to judge as there are always two sides of a story.

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