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Dax J has been making waves recently and it would be an understatement to say that those waves are becoming bigger and bigger. Having debuted in 2006, the London native who is now based in Berlin stepped up his game in 2013 and released a slew of EPs, some of which were issued through his own Monnom Black label. Dax J’s energetic Techno takes its cues from 90s Techno, which makes his debut on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe practically overdue. We talked with Dax J about his new EP Illusions Of Power, his relationship to Speedy J and what exactly happened during his set in Berghain this Sunday. Listen to Dax J’s “The Quest” below our interview with the producer!



Your EP Illusions of Power picks up certain dystopian themes. What is the concept behind the record?
It’s a record that represents the corrupted side of the world, a place which we often do not see as it is often hidden by government, gangs and media, but is always there. It represents unity and power of the people, overcoming and seeing past the daily lies that are fed to us.

This record marks your debut on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe imprint. What is your relationship with Speedy J like?
It’s great! Speedy J is a techno legend, so to have a working relationship with him is a joy and a huge honor for me. We have played together a few times already at Electric Deluxe events and they are always special.

The EP’s release coincides with Draaimolen Festival, where you will share the stage not only with Speedy J and Distant Echoes but also Berghain’s Steffi and Marcel Dettmann. You have just played Berghain this Sunday and apparently, it accidentally became a very memorable night. What exactly happened there?
Every night at Berghain is always very memorable, but there was a moment towards the end of my set on Sunday evening when the building was struck by lightning and caused all of the lights to come on, they remained on for a few hours while the music kept playing. It was incredible to see the whole crowd and dancefloor lit up like that!


Stream: Dax JThe Quest


Dax J - Illusions Of PowerDax JIllusions Of Power (Electric Deluxe)

01. Reign Of Terror
02. Harry The Hatchet
03. Cartagena Square
04. Zulu Nation
05. The Quest
06. Breaking Visions



Format: 12″
VÖ: 17. September 2016

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